Brave Micaiah build?

I have Brave Micaiah at +10 as my first 5 star exclusive +10, so I want the build to be unique. I’m thinking about giving her Close Counter and Panic Smoke or Threat. Atk/Spd 3 with Iotes Shield seal but I don’t know if any of these builds are worth it over the default. Any ideas?

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Close Counter doesn’t seem like a good idea on her unless you are going for Vantage strats…

Micaiah’s bulk is unreliable if you don’t run a debuffer so Threat Atk/Spd3 might be useless to her, as she is a ranged unit that can be easily baited out, or she lacks bulk prior to debuff to tank a hit/turn.

That’s true, what about Atk/res solo?

Yeah your right, guess Ill go with Panic smoke then

All of this really depends on your team. If you find her being close to allies an inconvenience then Atk/Res Solo is an option.

Personally I think that her default kit will suffice.

Oh ok yeah that’s true. I just don’t personally like the playstyle of the bond skill but nullifying the debuffs to Atk and res is really good

Here’s my build for her

That is the same as mine