Brave Micaiah Refine!

It’s finally here! I’m not disappointed and it’s such a huge upgrade. How about you guys, do you feel the same?

Brave Mica refine ^~^

Brave Mica refine cont. ^~^

Also to note: this isn’t meant to be the definitive B!Micaiah refine thread, but there were none as of me beginning this. So if anyone was going to make a post with the same topic, it’s fine. Not that you need my permission. Or if you just want to post Brave Micaiah/refine related stuff here, that’s great too! c:

Side story/my CYL3 pick

I chose Brave Micaiah when I returned to Feh whenever I did in 2019 or 2020, but I missed the actual banner. Brave Micaiah is literally the only CYL3 unit I have lol. And only 2 of the… 6 extra copies I’ve summoned were on focus banners. Both on the following CYL Hero Fest, and I didn’t even spend many orbs, so I think I quit while I was ahead instead of trying to get the other 3.
I’ve foddered off 2 and if you include the one extra I have now, that adds up to the 6.

Side story 2/Luck? or... Fate?

I almost wanna say I wish I picked Alm, but then maybe fate would have changed and I wouldn’t have been so extremely lucky to have so many Brave Micaiahs. Next to fallen units who gravitate towards me the most, she’s definitely the unit I’ve pulled the most copies of since her debut. If I didn’t kill those 2 copies of her, with this upcoming new power banner, I’d probably be able to +10. She’d be my first 5☆ exclusive to be +10, and first overall. It’ll just take more time…

Surely if fate has been slowly but surely gifting me with Brave Micaiahs over the years, mostly as free summons or within 3 to 3.25% pity rates, then it’s only a matter of time. Possibly CYL Fest next year is the moment I’ll reach 5☆+10, unless I have sheer luck and pull off something amazing before then, especially in the New Power banner. Either way, I will post when it happens… We shall see!

Brave Micaiah 1

Brave Micaiah 2

The important stuff:

I’ve had +atk since CYL Fest, and the +res Mica was the last one I summoned, I kept her and trained her up without wasting any skill points to learn skills the other already has. (it also works to burn sp for inherited skills in case I don’t use her). I’ve been holding on to her in case her refine wants the alternate IV more.

I’m at a fork in the road and I don’t know if I should go left or right. So… which direction (IV) should I walk and why? Left(+atk) or Right(+res)?

Brave Mica 1 Pre-Merge

Brave Mica 1 After Merge

Brave Mica 2 After Merge

I know attack is a superboon, and she now gets the virtually free follow-up (with exceptions ofc ofc) so having high offense while also having the effectiveness, is desirable. On the other path, her attack is getting boosted a ton, and it’s already fairly high, so I’m not losing much if I switch to resistance, am I? I’ll definitely be using glacies or iceberg in every build.

I want to try to pull another Winter Altina for the Unity skill. I also have an extra Plegian Tharja whom can inherit Swift Sparrow 3 + Spd/Res Rein. I have no Trace skills and don’t think I’d fodder anyone who comes with the skill anyways since it’s mostly on Duos or seasonals that I wish I had…

With all that in mind, I’ll quote myself

“which direction (IV) should I walk and why? Left(+atk) or Right(+res)?”

Does Mica’s refine want +res more, and are her added offenses more than enough to choose it over +atk? Or would switching be a grave mistake?


+atk merge+4, DF+3 Mica:

+res merge+4, DF+3 Mica:

(I could check the feh unit builder to see +10 values I suppose. I’m just feeling kinda lazy. I’ll do it though.)

Final Edit: Okay I made them.

Still not too sure which I like more. The bonus is for the 5 missing Dragonflowers on the Unit Builder. Can’t really add HP though, but it’s just 1 so… Close enough!


Ask yourself what added res adds to her ability to do the stuff you want. To me, 4 attack, especially if you get ‘guaranteed doubles’, seems like a big win.

I think her refine is very good, but nowhere near broken levels of power, i.e. the stuff we saw in the previous two rounds of CYL refines. I guess thats a good thing. Maybe I will build one of them, although Ground orders aint cheap.


Yeah I think it’s future proof at least. Not beating speedy null follow-up users is a given and a speed investment Brave Micaiah isn’t something I’m interested in and doesn’t seem worth it simply for that. Things don’t have to be broken to be good. I mean she’s already an armor+cav nuker so she doesn’t need the follow up against eeeveryone.

If you check I edited my post to add max invested Brave Mica’s. I kinda want to go with the +res, because while that 62 atk is super appealing, the 50 res is more shiny to me and I like it being even especially for the res specials getting the stronger extra points of damage. It would help against res tanks slightly more.

Lastly, I think ground orders will be put on some more grail units and 4☆ focus units in 2022 or even the coming months, so idk about foddering her for that going forward.


4 star seasonal maybe.
4 star new heroe or grail pool, you’re dreamin’ not happening :<


In what world does occasionally boosting your damage by 2 or 3 points win out against always boosting it by 4 and sometimes by 6, if we’re talking about her matchups against high-res tanks?

I struggle to see more Res being necessary, honestly. On the other hand, with her effective damage, low defense and archer weakness, there’s likely going to be times where she’s banking on killing her enemy in one shot because she can’t survive a counterattack. So I feel like a little extra attack is likely to save her much more often than a little extra resistance.


damn. hit me with the facts huh. Well. Maybe in 2025. /no s

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Well she has two identity, high res and effective dmg/bonus dmg.

effective dmg doesn’t do much right now, B!Hector is immune and she get annihilated by Fallen!Edelgard (bonfire) / Henriette aswell.

high res on the other hand is still a workable identity, especially with MB sacred seal or close ward.

personally i’d go +res atm. cus that’s where she shines.
she’d get rekt vs anything physical that retaliate anyway.


You know… you’re right. I wasn’t sure when I said that, honestly. I only said that because it’s less often that the damage from those specials can be reduced, but it’s not quite true damage. I could argue it’d be to have her as a res tank herself and use other skills that work off of high res, but those skills don’t really work off of my playstyle and I don’t use them often anyway :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the criticism! It’s appreciated! Very sound logic. Since her refine didn’t go the route where it says in black and white that res is better than atk, I’d be a fool to not use +atk. Especially against those nasty archers!

F. I forgot to put a poll. But I think it would have been a landslide anyway. So no poll is needed


You both have some really good arguments honestly. I guess it really just depends on the person and where you’re using the unit right? If it helps, I won’t use her in AR or Arena. Maybe Arena Assault and Legendary/Mythic/Limited Hero Battles. Although, if she’s ever a bonus unit in Arena I’ll use her.

I think with my luck of pulling Tibarns, it’s inevitable I give her Sturdy Impact as an alternative skill. That would help against a few physical units.

This is why I was hoping for some damage reduction like the 2 most recently updated versions of her have…


Leaving an enemy alive after a round of combat isn’t ideal, though. On enemy phase they can get danced and potentially attack someone who’s not built to fight them, and on player phase it means using more units’ actions to kill them.

So once you have sufficient defense stats, you may as well go for more damage. Even the not +10 build shown off in this thread is is hitting at least 60 resistance, and between her own skill debuffing enemy attack and hopefully an ally to debuff resistance on top of that, that’s pretty beefy. She might not tank, like, maxed-out Lilinas or anything, but I have a hard time seeing her green and blue mage matchups not going pretty well.


Most of everything was said here already. I think you are settling on attack, and I think that makes her as futureproof as she can get. Adds to the one shot, too. So you dont have to double eeeverything :wink:

I dont need ground orders for now, so there’s that. Whats actually keeping me from building her is the fact that she cant handle Bector. Or at least so it seems.


If I’m reading your post right, you currently have 2 micaiah’s right? Each 4 merge and 3 flowers? If so I hate to say it, but you’ve kinda wasted a whole bunch of flowers. When you merge them its not gonna become +6 flowers.

If I’m misreading it all, you can disregard this haha.

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lol no my +res Micaiah (Mica2) has zero investment aside from the blessing to speed up her growth and save time and effort and stuff. The only one with merges atm is my +atk Micaiah (Mica1) (+3) I was either gonna merge Mica2 who has zero investment into Mica1 who has all the merges and dragonflowers, or Mica1 into Mica2
You’re fine tho no worries :feh_deirdrehappy:

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I havent got merges on mine but the refine is all I could ask for, I dont need to use breaker skills to double every foe like in the past, I also need to focus on the A skill and maybe get a +res merge so her B skill works better.

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It’s been a couple of days, but I finally decided to go through with it!

And of course… I used the merge copy to burn SP for inherited skills from Plegian Tharja~

Finished product, kind of… until +10 with max flowers and Atk/Res Unity. Then it will be a finished project.

Went with +atk, but there are many pros to both of her best IVs. I think in the long run, I will like this more. And I can always change my mind later if I somehow pull another +res. Or instead… If I get more copies after the +10, lol. Because that’s where my luck is headed…

I can’t imagine myself using Swift Sparrow 3 too often to be honest, but it’s nice to have it. Yune’s Whispers debuffs enemy speed so it has its uses, esp coupled with the Rein. That’s mostly gonna be for the support though. At least it (SS3) should be easier to use, since for Atk/Res Bond 4 you have to be right next to an ally every combat.


I like that they helped bring her up to par with the other Micaiahs but if there was a unit that needed Iotes, it honestly would be her.


Agreed. I think that would make everyone happy, even if her defense and overall physical bulk isn’t having her fight against archers that often. If one feels like sacrificing stat boosts, I guess it’s a sacred seal
Although mine is always on Ninja Laevatein. Sometimes Fallen Female Morgan


+atk is a lot more powercreep resistant. Wait 1-2 years and you’ll find it necessary.