Brave Roy B-Skill

A few months back, I accidentally managed to get my Brave Roy up to +10. I decided then that it was probably time to actually invest into him. HeXs where he’s at now.

(He also has Galeforce, of course. His S-Slot is usually S/D Catch.)

The question I’m facing now is what skill would be best to use on him for his B-Slot. My first instinct is S/D Trace, but I don’t have the fodder for it yet (1700 more TP for the Naesala manual). Knowing that, two other contenders jump to mind as possibly stronger substitutes, both of which I actually do have the fodder for.

  1. Flow Force. Keeps his offenses from being dropped and guarantees he gets a followup if he’s fast enough.
  2. Flow Refresh. Offensive Null-F and healing, which is admittedly redundant with Ignis, since he has Surge Sparrow; but may be more useful if I run a Galeforce build instead, which won’t proc Surge.

Any thoughts on which B-skill would be most beneficial?

  • Wait for S/D Trace
  • Flow Force
  • Flow Refresh

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A lot of this depends if you have OG Eliwood built and need to differentiate them or not.

Otherwise, he’s a strong galeforcer, so I would go with NFU so that he can galeforcer effectively (also, he doesn’t need trace as badly then, since with galeforce he can freely advance or retreat)

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My Eliwood is built. Poorly.

As for the Null-F, that would qualify both Flow skills. I’m not sure whether the Healing or the penalty negation would be more worthwhile, though Galeforce kind of leaves Surge a bit of a waste, it’s not like I can’t run a Galeforce and an Ignis build.

With both Flows essentially being the same just with different side effects I went with the more common one. Refresh keeps his HP up and obviously survivability while Force can make the difference in some situations. Even if both were equally available I’d choose Refresh though.

Trace works but with a unit that’s reliant on getting his special fired you can’t take risks.

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Just verifying: refresh, even though he gets healing every time Ignis procs? Or refresh, just in case he runs Galeforce for something?

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I prefer the healing as a safety. It’s not kuch but i still think you’ll get more milage out of that than the negated Atk/Spd drop.

If you encounter guard you will not proc Ignis. You could take damage on EP another round and maybe one-shot an already low HP foe, unable to fire off Ignis. I think a few things could happen where the healing may come into effect.

Also again, Refresh is a lot more common, with it now being on a remixed L!Unit.

With all that said i don’t think it’ll actually matter too much but due to availability and personal preference I think Refresh is better/more reliable even with a Surge skill.

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