Brave Roy IVs

For a +10 Brave Roy, would an Atk or Spd boon work best for him? I have. +9 B!Roy that’s +Atk, but my final merge is a +Spd. I don’t wanna merge until I have a good idea of which boon is better for him

Here’s my current build as of right now:


Personally I don’t think he really needs more Spd. But the Atk could backfire and make him one-shot an enemy, preventing Galeforce from triggering :feh_arthurthink:

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He already gains +7 spd from his refine, right? So I’d just go with attack because you already get that boost.

Speed. He doesn’t really need more speed but going with more attack, especially on a Galeforce unit, can be a bit unreliable.

Go spd. Atk will result in more one shots, causing you to lose Galeforce.

And with the way speed creep is now, there’s no such thing as too much of it.

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From personal experience at max merges speed is better imo

I would say speed, not because he might kill too easily (mine usually fails at killing, even though he is +0 and neutral) but because even 50 spd isn’t enough to secure doubles today. If you can’t double, that’s a big problem. It’s freaky how fast recent units are. 40/41 seems to be the new standard on sword unit, and they sometimes add +3spd in their weapon or additional effect that give +4 in all stats under some conditions, and with atk/spd solo in their A slot, and lull atk/spd in B slot, etc.

Thank you all for the insight! I decided to listen and make him +Spd. He does see use on my AR defense teams each season, so the Spd will benefit him greatly.

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