Brave Veronica Revival

So, with Brave Veronica getting her Refine and showing up in the weekly revivals, I’ve been debating on making this her time to get her to +10. She’d be my 2nd Cav to +10.

I am both excited and nervous. I don’t normally make Cavs unless they can pull their own like Eliwood’s Galeforce build and I normally run Infantry.

What are some of your Brave Veronica builds? Can you convince me it would be a worthy endeavor?

Here is Mine

Currently she supports two infantry units and L!Edelgard. Got her kit idea from the brain damage lord himself, LuBu over on youtube.


First off, how many orbs you got?
Getting 9 more merges will take a lot of em

Secondly imo you don’t have to +10 her unless you really like her or want to and are not planning to spend on anyone else. She’s perfectly fine as is especially with that build and more merges aren’t 100% necessary


I’d wait for her to get her refine before deciding since she’s mostly the same regardless of merges currently :thinking:

She’ll have either a New Power Banner or something else at the same time so you can do it quickly.


Just get 4 more and make a cav line on AR-D of all Veronica’s with Push or Solo skills.

Well Idk if I’ll have any after CYL4. However, her first revival coming up in mid August and in October so I’d have time to save.

I suppose you’re right. When I came back to FEH in January, I saw her and how she was a tier 1 unit and a healer and all the other jazz she has and I was set on getting her. However, I discovered Infantry was my favorite move type and haven’t found the right spots for her. The build I gave her is optimal for supporting and healing and dmging. I just want her refine to be as good.

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I do get annoyed enough about Cav Lines that I’ve been wanting to make one for myself lol

However, my Defenses are already under 100 loss as is, as funny as that would be.

Not sure if she needs to be more than +1. She won’t score high for Arena (734 at most without a blessing + Legendary hero co-deployed). What are your current goals if you were to hypothetically go for the +10 on her? Of course, if you really like her as a character then that’s always an acceptable use of orbs so you can enjoy the game as you see fit. Outside of that reason however, I think it’s questionable.

I suppose my reasoning is she seems good, I like her, and I want her to be the best she can be. Also, if I like a character and they aren’t at +10, a part of me says I need to. Idk why.

With the build I gave her and her refine, I probably don’t need to go any further. I use her for this tempest and it sort of revived my liking of her character.

My current build for her right now is

But based off of her speculated Kaden-like refine, I’ll probably ultimately go with something like this, and pair her with L!iwood:

I think this could be a good chance to get lots of copies of her since it’s a three person banner and she isn’t sharing with anyone else but remember that she will also appear in weekly revivals from 08/16 - 08/22 and 10/26 -10/31. On the first one she will be with Micaiah and Zelgius, the second is with B!Ephraim and B!Celica.
You shoud wait since by the time the weekly revival of september takes place we will already know what her refine brings, the CYL4 units, August legendary hero, also you will be able to save more orbs for her.

I just do this

She hits hard, heals hard, buffs, debuffs, and supports with close guard when she’s not even doing anything.

Honestly though she doesn’t need many merges. I just pull for her because she’s one of my favorites.


All 4 of the CYL1 units were on a New Power banner, so they will most likely do the same with all of the CYL2 units.

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I question a few of these builds. I mean, when her refine drops, maybe things will change, but she currently has spectrum buff and debuff upon attacking, and also windfire balm, in base kit. And these are generally kept because they are good.
I feel, that unless you are running a different staff, putting out of combat buffs (like tactics skills) for teammates on her feels redundant.

I think I use mostly her base kit because it’s always worked for me, but
Atk/spd push is a great skill, solo is probably good as well.
Defensive skills to improve bulk are probably a surprising help in taking that one hit that barely killed her. My +1 generally survives with like 3hp against most standard lv 40 npcs, I’d love to see a bit more.
A chill seal would probably work when she’s being used more to heal.
A standard Savage blow build is probably good too, but other healers may actually be better at it.
Her weapon works incredibly well with a dancer, since the second attack gets an effective massive boost, “negates” panic since she already acted, and may double when it didn’t before.

She’s been my go to healer since she came out, and honestly I don’t think she even needs a refine, but I’m excited to get one anyway.

This is my Veronica,
Restore+ (to heal negative status)
Miracle (it helps a lot)
Solo atk/spd 3
Double Savage Blow (just to hit and run)