Breaching Into The Infinite and Final Frontier - Saber Wars II Discussion Thread

We’re finally at the border of the Srvant Universe for a very weird mix of Wild West shananigans and Star Wars. Strap and yourself in folks because this one is gonna get weird (and maybe annoying, because let’s be honest, it’s the Servant Universe we’re talking about).

Thankfully we have a couple of perky guides in our side:

Let us take off.


Let’s see what this Rin face has to offer as a character cause she has some big shoes to fill :fgo_ereshwoah: :fgo_ishtar_eagerfool:


We’ll see.

This event seems to have been written by Nasu but that can be very 50/50 these days (And the event wasn’t exactly a splash on JP).

Largely just hoping Spishtar is enjoyable and fun enough that she becomes more than a gameplay roll for me. (Regardless operation Summer Kiara remains)


Posting again now that we have a dedicated thread:


Gears, octuplet, and proof nodes, nice :fgo_ereshwoah:

Also eggs for those who need them


Hopefully that was just Halloween salt.

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Well here it is, the event I’ve been waiting for and what actually motivated me to get through the story. Should be fun seeing what kind of shenanigans we get up to… IN SPACE! idk why but I just felt like adding that last part

Star Wars was inspired by westerns in the first place tho


Shoe and Horns on the bronze node, arf. I’m swimming in these already.
Maybe I’ll farm bronze on the last node (mix with Gold) then, fluid and rings are much more interesting.

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The farming nodes look pretty good. Giants ring, cores and those damn eggs are going to be really appreciated. All in all, I have approximately around 150+ SQ and a dream to get SpIshtar and probably would have around 300+ SQ if it wasn’t for that damn KOTRT banner and nothing to show for it. Damn you Tittytotia and your band of hot knights for tempting my weak mind!


Should probably point out that if you think the main story is a chore the SW2 story is not going to be salvation. Expect it to be about as serious as the Gilfest Rerun.

Hopefully you just haven’t started the part 2 story yet and that’s why you seem to feel this way

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Game tells me Seiba is upcoming bonus servant, yet event doesnt list her as one :fgo_seibathink:

Played the rerun in JP this year and it was fun. Well, except the challenge quest with the KOTRT, that was literal hell for a relatively new F2P account. I’m excited about enjoying the story this time.

Also the command codes from this one are top tier, cannot wait to give the 5* one to AA.

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She only gives Artorium drop bonus, I think. No bond or attack bonus.


I don’t expect much from the story of events so I’m mainly hoping for the rewards to be good. I’ll probably roll my eyes though if they try the make anything about the servantverse remotely serious.

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I mean, it can work but it depends on the execution.

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Oh I didn’t have any issues going through the story. I just wanted to get through it before SW started because I love Star Wars, so of course I want to do the event that’s one big parody of it. As for Gilfest I’d say I did pretty well, got 70 boxes done which isn’t bad. As for part 2 I have started it but I’m not too far into it yet. Just met up with the Rebels in LB1. And I actually find the idea of the lostbelts fairly intriguing, so I don’t think I should mind it too much.


No Ishtar Rider bonus smh :expressionless:


LB1 is pretty good as a introduction to the whole arc but LB2 and 3 vary in quality wildly. LB4 does pick up the pace rather well and Atlantis (First part of LB5) releases in December which was considered by many as the best LB before LB6 released.


You’ll enjoy it, although LB2-4 have their own recurring plot structure that needs to go off of repeat, which by most accounts LB5 Atlantis didn’t trace.

My friend likes the lore for the servant universe servants themselves, but that’s not really a parody beyond visuals. I wouldn’t expect much of a parody in theme or kitschy names like DQ has, but hopefully it manages to be silly fun rather than just silly.

The Cosmos in the Lostbelt arc as a whole is wayyyy better structured to give good antagonists and story themes; singularities were too much of a “servant world tour” foremost. It just sucks that its release schedule is slow as balls.