Breaking Rokkr Sieges

I’ve had the best damage output so far with this team of Tibarn, Cherche, Leanne and Reyson: 160k in a single Intermediate run against Michalis/Minerva.

The strikers both run Galeforce + Heavy Blade, so between that and singers they attack 3 times per player phase. They also both run Guard and receive 7-14hp healing per turn thanks to dual Heron Wings, so they never proc the Rokkr special. It kind of feels broken at this point? It’s become a puzzle game where all you need to do is keep the enemy off defense tiles.

People who have topped 160k in one siege: how did you do it?


Try using Triangle Adept and Astra for more damage, as well as effective damage like bows.


Oh, right! I guess nobody needs heavy blade to proc GF if they attack as many times as they do. Cherche out here quadding.


You have a pretty good core team :feh_birbpeek:
Generally Rokkr Sieges is all about balancing killing the spawns with dealing damage to the Rokkr. So having a unit that can run around & kill spawns helps your other units focus everything on the Rokkr. :feh_birbpeek:
Like Shinx said, having TA on Tibarn could help his damage output against the green Rokkr. Effective damage can really help if you have it, however it’s not always possible (especially of you’re fighting an infantry Rokkr)
Asides from that, it’s just stacking up the damage. Of you have Pair-Up units, use them. Even if you’re just using them for extra stats, they help.

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Yeah, all good points–except against Michalis, because he rolls with the shield that nullifies effectiveness. 3 units being able to fly 3 squares is super effective here.

I’ve never built an archer, but I do have like 160k feathers lying around… Any suggestions which common archer is worth investing in?


But, whoaaa! I didn’t realize Pair Up increased the stats of the other unit, even when deployed alone! That’s a neat trick.


Yeah, you can’t use archers against Michalis. I squeaked out 200k using Special Fighter Astra on Valentine’s Ike & Fallen Tiki, which is another strategy that works. Problem is that armors have only 1 movement & so lose out on a lot of damage if the Rokkr runs away.
If you have Legendary Eliwood, use him. He can give +12 Atk to all your main attacking units if you match their visible attack. He also has Pair-Up.
Having one good archer for flier Røkkr is a good investment if you want to consistently get high scores against fliers. :feh_birbpeek:
Klein is a solid option because his PRF reduces the Spd penalty of his Brave Bow, making it much easier to quad. :feh_kleinyes:


It’ll only work in modes that allow you to use Pair-Up, but Røkkr let’s you use Pair-Up. It’ll raise both units stats by a certain amount based on the stats of the other unit :feh_birbpeek:
Even if you don’t end up using one of the units, it’s still worth it for the stat boost.

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I completely forgot that Rokkrs allow Pair Up. That’d be useful for ferrying Armors around. Welp, that’d save a lot of trouble :feh_maethink:


There’s a reason Pair-Up isn’t allowed in most modes :feh_legion:

(You probably saw my post, but it applies here)
The extra stats given by Pair-Up give Leif extra firepower. It also lets me pair him with somebody like Brave Roy with Seal Def to lower Minerva’s Def so Leif does even more damage while Roy gets a free attack.
Then add on Legendary Eliwood who’s paired with normal Eliwood (refined for even more free attacks), the other Leif (who’s just a Hone Cavalry bot) paired with a dancer, and Reyson (just paired for stats), and you’ve got a team that gets 200k damage on Turn 3.
This doesn’t apply to most situations, but it shows just how powerful Pair-Up can be. :feh_birbpeek:

(Hopefully this doesn’t look like I’m boasting) :feh_elisad:


Allegiance Battles and Rokkrs don’t have the same feel as other modes, but it’s something to mess around in

also, cries in no L!Leif


@ShinxDaSphinx Galeforce is better Astra, with astra you deal 5,5 your damage if you quad, then 3,5 on EP (under the best contidions aka you proc it twice).
with galeforce you deal, 8 times your damage on PP and 2 times your damage on EP.
But TA3 sure is better.

Yeah, Galeforce is better in most cases, but in general I’ve been kinda used to using units that can’t reliably proc Galeforce in Rokkr Sieges

Got 200k on Minerva and just a wee bit short of that on Michailis (mainly because I screwed up and forgot to pair L-Roy with my Galeforce Shigure). Silque rocks this mode.


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaait I forgot I had a built Cherche and I have WF!Hinoka.

Excuse me a moment.

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This mode is like the last mode where my Nowi is still really useful. She’s got guard 3, enough stats to take minimal damage from green Rokkers, and usually enough speed to double.

I use the Lu Bu strategy of guard, breath of life, a heron, and invested brave lyn for fliers like Minerva.

I used this guy. :feh_loncool:

200K on each of them, first try. :feh_loncool:


Brave bow+astra+heavy blade+dance = a little over 170k against minerva,but I haven’t bothered with michalis since it’s the same accessory.

I did 170000 damage against Minerva. My team was fallen Tiki to block her, behind Tiki, summer Noire ( she has a brave bow build so any other archer can do the same) and Reyson and Veronica to dance/heal.