Breath seal choices

This is my Halloween Rhea. She serves as a melee tank with far save support in AR.
Now that the Warding breath seal is a thing, she can get a little more DR and Glacies damage.
My question is: are those things worth the loss of 4 def? With DR (that also comes from Elimine) that little bit of def becomes more significant.

On a similar note, here is my Brave Dimitri. He performs the same role in AR and also SD. Sometimes my far save tank gets wrecked and he has to tank a ranged hit (it brings me great joy when Yuri users think they’re getting a free hit and all they do is charge my ignis). I’m thinking that warding breath may improve his matchups with dragons and allow him to better handle mages. That said, I get the feeling that this will be even less worth it than with Rhea. What do you think?

And yes, I know that both of them would be better with menace skills in their c slots. I don’t have the food yet.


Man, why do people get so uppity about not having Menaces; goddamn is that skill class overrated

Like seriously they are helpful but unless you’re concerned about Arena scoring most of the time a Smoke combined with an ally buff will do more or less the same thing so don’t sweat it if you can’t get it on every one of your units

You run Breaths almost entirely for the charge as the stat buff is really minor compared to other seals. When it comes to Dragon Wall, it depends on how often you plan to make Rhea tank other high Res units, which almost exclusively consists of other tanks. There is Y-Soren now but I highly doubt he’ll be that common. I assume you’re not fighting Save Balls if you’re using Rhea so most of it’s “how much do you fear lazily placed corner Fatalgards”? With Mythic buffs, I doubt she’ll have a problem with Steady Breath

Same with Dimitri. Most mages have really shit Def so he should have no issue activating his full DR against them with or without Steady Breath seal. It’s how often you throw him against other high Def units where the extra points from Steady Breath will matter


I still prefer Double Threatens for EP over Menance since the majority of the time it’ll effect more foes at a time depending on how the unit is being used, Menance on the other hand is far better for PP


Indeed, Menace is better in one-on-one fights (which happen mostly in Arena) and Threaten/Smoke is better when you have to take attacks from multiple foes in one turn (mostly in AR and on reinforcement maps)


Pretty much, it’s why I will keep Threaten A/D on my Oboro while Petrine uses Menance A/R. I usually have Oboro surrounded by multiple foes just for the giggles, but Petrine needs that boost so she can burn things on PP


Oh no! My attempt to pre-empt people being uppity about my smokes turned into me being uppity about menaces (also how do you stirkethrough?)

Seriously though, I know the difference will be minimal, I just wanted to know if the tiny change would be positive or negative.
I should have specified, they’re used on AR-O.
In the case of Dimitri mage tanking, I’m thinking more of SD there. I know he’s not living ninjorrin, but maybe the extra res will let him take W!Lysithea (What do you mean there are other mages in SD?), I don’t know
Edit: Just remembered Etiri is a thing, but I’m pretty sure she’d also render him unable to tank a second unit regardless of res

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I’m not confident in Dimitri’s ability to live mages in a mode as aggressive as Summoner Duels since everyone brings the biggest guns they can

In particular Eitri is extremely common and will nuke him into the ground, Warding Breath or not. I think you should focus on what he is good at


Yeah, the mage tanking is mostly a backup in case I’ve been stupid and let my far save tank die.
In any case it’s sounding more and more unrealistic, so I guess I’ll abandon that one