Breloom moveset


So im working on some back up teams (in the chance im doing low group number raids) so I can pop back if my first team wipes and Im curious, Since I have 6 roserades and 6 CD sceptiles, do I even need to worry about breloom packing the grass type moves and instead, use them as a fighting backup?


I’d leave the signature move on Breloom. I’m not sure how it compares to FP-Sceptile but I know Roserade is the better Grass attacker generally. However, because of the difference in typing, I would think Breloom would last longer in certain matchups where the opponent has Dark or Rock moves.


I’m guessing by title this is a grass backup? For pure DPS the rankings go Roserade > FP Sceptile > GL Breloom. That’s also how they rank in terms of TDO. Personally I’d recommend FP Venusaur for your C squad since it’s bulkier than the other three.

I wouldn’t sweat it too much, but if you wanted to preserve the exclusive move novelty you could always go the second attack route to give it Dynamic Punch.