Brendan or Blue break level cap?

I don’t have a lot of buff blends, I only have enough to either get Blue/Pidgeot or Brendan/Sceptile to lvl 100. I know Blue was better than Brendan/Treecko, but now that Sceptile exists, who would benefit more from the level boost? For reference, I use Sceptile more in Coop, but Pidgeot more in single player.

Sceptile is one of the game’s best co-op pairs and Blue is on of the game’s best singe player pairs. If you aren’t planning on investing in the supports that blue needs to be powerful, go with Sceptile. If you’re willing to throw in your lot with single player and hope the devs flesh it out more as time goes on, choose Pidgeot.

Seriously? Just auto farm the buffs you need to level them both up to 100. Then stress out about which one you’re going to unlock to 120 because those elite 4 notes are gonna take way longer to get.