I want your thoughts on her.

Specifically…when does using her give you an advantage over another support (or combo of supports)? Every time I want to use Bride, Tamamo + Hans/Mash feels like a better option.

Is she really only good in the 4th slot, to replace whoever falls?

Context: Want to roll for Gil on CCC but thinking of going for her instead. I know she’s useful but I can never seem to find a place for her on my teams.


What I’ve always seen is people using her just for skills + plugsuit, specially in NP Spamming teams along with other supports who provide NP gain. But other than that, I haven’t seen her around.

From my personal experience using her, I wasn’t really amazed by her damage or her utility. She just feel very regular for an SSR, and her skills aren’t exciting themselves despite being really good buffs. Their scalings aren’t exactly the best either, so the investment can be a pain unless you can really fit her into your team. As for her NP… it has good effects… but that’s it pretty much (It will receive an interlude though).
I don’t see any real charm other than being able to build NP spamming strategies, but then she’d be some sort of sidekick so you don’t really want her damage…
Current writeup of her also states that her kit isn’t that good on herself either.


At the end of the day she’s still best Bride, so you will always have that. You also can’t acquire every Nero in the game without getting Nero Bride lol.

Partial jokes though, she is kinda tough to know when to use. She’s like too rounded. She’s not top support or top damage dealer. For my personal usage I kind of use her whenever I just feel like it lol. Typically in all lancer, sometimes berserker, nodes along side Saberlot and whatever support you want to pair in there. Saberlot can spam even harder and you can keep a decent damage floor having another class advantage. Her NP interlude should help her out a little bit too.

I do wish I could use her more and that her role was more defined. At the end of the day it’s still Nero in a wedding dress. Tough to beat if you are a Nero fan. I picked up a regular Nero jumbo plush at my local con a few weeks ago, 10/10 would buy a Bride version.


Yeah, I always see her as just an SSR targeted Golden Rule or an ST Arts Saber nuker with double Tamamo…and now that we have break bars, that’s not so important anymore. It would be different if her NP refund was better. But why not just use Lancelot?

Her skills are just so generic…attack buffs are cheap and so are heals on arts teams…Merlin arguably does everything she does but better and then some (atk up, heal, np gain, stargen, buster buff, crit damage up, party invincibility).

But the value on those skills is just so good and the cooldowns are short enough. Maybe I just need to borrow her and use her with Tamamo some more.


Ha, just saw this:

So…she’s really an arts crit servant? Bride + Fox’s Wedding + Passive Stargen = the NP spam of our dreams?


Shortly, she is good as SSR servants.
I only feel bad for her 1st skill has long CD. And on charge debuff to enemy (yeah I want Orion style NP). Otherwise everything is great. However you cannot except everything 100% perfect.

A general team is Nero Bride + Dual Tamamo (bond CE), or Nero Bride (Star Absorbtion) + 4060 Waver-Tamamo. She has decent supprotive skills which could be utilized in different direction: 3rd skill good for Caster supports, and 1st skill could be either to herself (NP spam), or Tamamo (more team-wide NP recycle).

On the other hand, why she is also a decent mixed dps-support? (1) we cannot expect too much to make her support as Merlin/Waver or even Hans level since they are top-tier. But compared with some SR such as Helena and Medea Lily/Iris, her skills are contained 3 directions (attack-defense-np) which is more versatile. (2) Her NP has 5 turn debuff to enemy which is decent enough. (3) Her 2nd skill could be utilized for some DPS servant like Gil/Kiritsugu/Archuria which is great for damaging enemy + generation more stars. So 2030 Bride is also a commonly seen. (4) You cannot expect every battle is made of single class enemy, particularly event farming, So Bride is good as 2nd DPS.

If we always say “why wont we just use dual Merlin + Gil to straightforward kill any enemy” or compare any servant with supportive skill to Merlin, then none of servants could be pair to that. Bride isnt top-tier, but still decent as SSR. I prefer DW push more servant like her or Bryn, rather than some OP servants make your gameplay eventually become boring.


Also comparison with Lancelot, i dont think this is useful to make such comparison. Lancelot could be 10/10 for damaging lancer enemy, but sometimes a fight wont just consider if that DPS’s only ability to kill. That is reason why supports are always in higher priority than DPS. Even like GIl as the top DPS, dont have aoe NP with such huge damage he will also fall.
Same thing. Lancelot is great to kill, but what about if you face a saber boss, but together with intensive high hp lancer mob/mini boss? Bride+Archer/Berserker DPS is the better answer, rather than using Lancelot. Yagyū Munenori may even exceed Lancelot as SR saber in a general consideration in the near future.


Just put her in a team with Mordred Rider or another decent NP spamming unit, not only arts. Also she is very versatile support who is not caster. This is a rare case.


Yeah, ever since I got lancelot, bride doesn’t come out that often. The np spamming crit storm of death is way more fun than the jack-of-all-trades master of none bride. Maybe her interlude upgrade will change my mind…but not now.


Umu Bride is a bit of a strange one. Great buffs, and the single-target nature of the buffs paint her as a support for DPS rather than support for the team as a whole. Her NP (which will hit harder after her Interlude) also plays a somewhat supporting role with its Burn and DEF debuff.

My favorite way of using her is putting her in slot 4 of the party, often with Golden Catches the Carp for insta-stars. That way, regardless of who dies (DPS or Support) someone can take their place with little issue. I’ve had fights where I go in with 1 Berserker DPS and 2 Supports, then my support dies rather than the squishy Berserker, so I end up with 1 squishy Berserker, 1 Support, and 1 DPS with no support abilities whatsoever who was meant to replace the squishy Berserker.


So basically…she’s a 4th slot servant?

I feel like Gilgamesh (or Ishtar, who comes right after CCC) would be better options even though I have Arjuna…but that advice to always roll for supports to have great flexibility in choosing a DPS is good advice.

Still so conflicted.


She’s a 4th slot for me but not necessarily for everyone. Like I said, she’s a strange one. Her skills aren’t selfish enough to be a DPS, and her skills are all single-target, so she can’t be the whole team’s support.


I have to say though, that if you are going for that delicious bonus bond points for EoR 3 (bonus for Knight-class Servants), then your options for support are extremely limited. If you own a Nero Bride you are going to field like one smug Master, blasting through like no tomorrow. She’s especially valuable there as the story support nicks your support slot.

D’eon was really great for that singularity too, for the self-imposed bonus run. Hard to find good supports in the knight classes.


That’s true…I have d’Eon leveled but their skills are 4/1/4 and I already have a lot of sabers and servants that need seeds, so they’re kind of low priority right now. I suppose I should 6/4/6 them, though.

Bride also gets a rate up during NeroFest and Gil won’t be back until (presumably) Thanksgiving. I wanted to roll a bit on NeroFest in case I miss 4* Nero on this banner, so maybe I’ll grab her then?


I’ve never had any issues using her. Her strength has always been in flexibility. You aren’t going to ask Tamamo to be your DPS unless it’s a stall team and you aren’t asking a lot of DPS servants to sit back and play the support. When you don’t have every servant in the game then someone who can do more than one role and shift their responsibilities depending on who is alive on your team is pretty handy.

Since I got her she’s ended up in a lot of my parties as either the first support or the second. Powering up one main attacker is a solid enough tactic and she flourishes on supporting that. She basically hands out a ton of supportive options that you’d want to have. Attack buff, star gen, NP gen, heals and defense. A lot packed onto those skills along with even providing defense down on her NP.

Unless the servant is broken someone able to fill multiple rolls isn’t going to surpass a specialist at their own craft. But I’ve never regretted getting her or felt that she couldn’t provide enough support to whatever team I put her in. Flexibility is her strength and she’s not trapped in the terrible spot of being mediocre at both things she tries to do. She’s got enough damage and when focused on herself can hit hard enough to be a strong single target saber to main your attack. And she can be a strong support for the team if focusing on that. She’s just a servant that requires more care to use. Have to figure out what the best use of each of her skills are in any given situation. All of them being single-target requires reading the situation you are up against.


That’s a good analysis, @FlareKnight :) What team comps do you use her in?


I love using her in Arts team since I don’t have Tamano or merlin. She’s very flexible for me and would be extremely useful for solo setup in CQ if I ever have a need to go ballsy.