Brillant summer bring satisfactions

…especially when you face this dear Tamamo Lancer that denied your summon.

The satisfaction of Rashomon Daieng-ing her tail :sunglasses:

Aside of that, these Brillant summer quests in Part 2 are in my opinion very entertaining.

I expected bland battles like in Part 1, instead we faced even some somehow challenging battles here.

What do you think? Did you enjoyed these quests too?

…did you enjoy Rashomon Daieng-ing the furry tail of an ungrateful fox, too?

what the fuck

I think a good amount of this needs clarification.

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Mind that i’m italian, not english. So i think the word i used were right, i think.
I tought it was another way to say that i beated Tamamo lancer with my Ibaraki’s NP.
The ungrateful part referred to the fact that i rolled for her and never got her.

Why? is something wrong?

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Yeah, what is


Magic, obviously.

I am particularly enjoying the fact that yuri magic is introduced:


Rashomon Dai Engi + -ing

That took me a bit of staring at to work out TBH. :sweat_smile:

move over merlin, your position has been filled

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I am not running a blog, though. :smile_cat:

the scat hack

ok, that name isn’t as idol-catchy. so merlin still has that going for him