Broly Event

Can I beat the Broly event with this team? I don’t have boosted characters, if I did, I’d be using them…

It’ll be really tough, but it is possible if you dodge his specials and have some luck. Do you have any other purple units that may be better than Goku?

Yeah, I can see that it’s tough.
I came really close with this team but the timer got to me before I could finish him and as for purple units, I have a picture below but try to not include Yamcha or Saiyaman

Super Buu or SSJ2 Caulifla could all actually be pretty useful for this fight as Buu has a stun, ki reduction with his ult and inflicts lots of debuffs which can slow down his damage. Caulifla has really high strike damage and anti saiyan ability which would work even better against Broly. So I’d suggest trying them. At the very least Caulifla.

Broly has anti stun

That is true, I forgot about that. I still think he’d be better due to better stats all around, ultimate ability which reduces ki recovery and destroys 70 ki to slow him down and his mass debuffs when he switches in.

I managed to complete all challenges with this team

Those are all boosted units. He does not have those.