Brunnya Better Be Good

She looks amazing in Binding Blade, and for me it has been a while since we got both a good looking and unique/competitive. I dearly hope she get the treatment that Naesala or Aversa do. What was the latest free unit that warmed your heart?



All I really want from Brunnya is a base spd of around 37.

Eh… I like all of the grail units. They’re special to me. But I haven’t had the materials to build them all.

One of my +10s is Berkut, so…


Same, I honestly hope she’s really good.

She’s one of my favorite antagonists in FE6, so I hope that she’s really strong, if not pretty good and unique.


In the end tho. If she doesn’t become an ideal unit, her fans have the power to make her a god of a unit in FEH. All it takes is love, will, and materials.


I agree that grail units are sweet, I do however hope IS will take a more risky/innovative approach. These are perfect opportunities to test out wacky builds that may or may not work, or go high risk high reward. For instance, Valter is not competitive at all but at least I love the fact that he is unique; and we all know how much people love Aversa.


I’m actually just hoping Brunnya will have a higher speed (and perferably at least nice attack) because there’s this stupid wacky build I want to try and I need a candidate for it.


I don’t see her being good tho, sorry but IS treats most free units like garbage, from her class and weaponry alone, she will probably be blue tome infantry with 34/34 atk/spd with decent fodder (seroent or fox tome, IS) but i’d like to be wrong, and see her be tier 2 mage

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They’ve actually been rather nice about most recent free units.

I think the only real recent major disappointment was Death Knight, and even then, he’s not a bad unit. Just has a niche in an oversaturated role and class for said role.


The recent stats pump have been nice indeed. I guess I just personally preferred unique weapon then inheritable beat sticks. DK is another good example, I actually appreciate him more than Conrad, although Conrad is better, most of the time.


Haar and Cormag would like a word with you.
A tons of free units are competing with 3*-4* units and no matter how good of stat line they might get they end up being worse, its not like they are beyond usability, its just that IS could do more for them to stand out a bit, or give our cav and flying archers at least 32 base atk.

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Before Conrad? Honestly, Rutger, who was released around 8-9 months ago. I would’ve said Cynthia, but she’s really nothing special as a unit.

Cormag is actually one of the better lance fliers we have, you know that right?

Haar was also disappointing, yes. But he isn’t as recent compared to someone like DK. And, again, he’s not a bad unit.

Every unit can be outstanding, just depends on how much a player cares for each one.


He isn’t, he can be surpassed by Subaki in mixed builk, thanks to his pref, meanwhile Cordelia and Shigure can surpass him offencively, the least they could do is give him new inheritable lance to give him niche, poor boy

Yep, but it’s a matter of resources and considering how much grails we having it’s rather depressing when it comes to 5*+10 even ghb unit, not to mention TT rewards

I think it was you.
School him.

Overall, really not been impressed with the grails pool. The units aren’t bad overall, but there almost always is a 3-4* that is at least as good, and easier to merge, and has ivs. If grail units don’t get refines, it’ll grow even more lopsided.

Kronya imo is the best grail unit we’ve gotten in a looong time, and fun to use with a unique playstyle as well.


Oh man, you’re right :feh_navarreculture: I hope they did treat her nicely :pray:t2: & pretty excited to see her here… well all I can say for now though :feh_elisad:

That’s Rinea:

Beautiful smile that I must protecc :feh_almdab:


:100: percent agreed on Kronya, she is another good example of good free addition to the game… still need merge to truly shine and need team support, but unique, experimental and Fun to play with.


Yeah, but it’s all thanks to pref dagger, take it away and all you have is another Legault with more res instead of defence … Gaius comes pretty close offencively but lacks stats to be her equal, i don’t even want to mention Sothe, as he would outclass her if she came out with barb shuriken :feh_elisad:

I’m expecting Brunnya to be a good unit, but with too much competition to really stand out.

She should have 162 BST which is great for a free mage. But even with that it will be hard to compete with F!Delthea who’s also in the Grail pool :fgo_deltheayes:

That is under the assumption she’s going to be Blue. If she’s Red or Green this wouldn’t be as much of a problem.

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She came with lightning magic according to wiki, so i think she will be blue tome unit, having green tome with good offences would be great tho, as competition there isn’t as stiff as in blue or red tome infantry