Brunnya Tho. How would u do?

anyone use her for offense (or defense) in AR? What support(s) do you run her with?

with all of the debuff heavy strats now and the new astra mythic, I think it’s time for me to invest in a unit that ignores penalties.

AR akariss meta t15+


She definitely intrigued me and is someone I’d like to work on in the future (especially since I like Idunn). However I haven’t gone full in on investment because she has color disadvantage against Thrasir. She probably would need to be deployed with a good Thrasir counter. Right now I have her on a team with F-Ike for extra middle finger to debuffs.


I know @af1899 has a heavily invested one, but I’m not sure if he uses her on AR :feh_myrrhthink:

He might be able to help you tho


This is my defensive build, she isn’t maxed out yet but whatever. The goal was to patch up her low speed and defense

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This is the build Akariss first suggested when she came out, if you haven’t seen his video already. Mostly dual phased. She wants male corrin support too. Supported by double Naga, because Altina wasn’t out yet. But Brunnya REALLY appreciates the extra defense that double Naga gives her. If she’s supported by Naga and Altina she has 60 attack and 33 defense instead.

He said he calc’d that this should survive most Tharsirs but this was before Mirabilis was released so I don’t know if she still succeeds that match up with the additional res that Tharsir gets.

Also keep in mind that Brunnya still doesn’t want to get panicked, as the buffs will still turn into debuffs, she just won’t have the debuffs affecting her (She’ll go back to base stats and +4 from prf eff). Unless they changed the way this works in the new update but I’m pretty sure that was some other fringe cases and not her prf.

This is a sample build of AR-D Brunnya, running her with Tharsir and Mirabilis (you should probably always run Mira now on Anima). You could lull atk/spd to lull atk/res and swift stance to steady stance or any other stance really. The one I run doesn’t have lulls because I can’t summon for the life of me so she just runs guard instead.


Close Counter/Foil in A but one can also go for a Solo, Dual Stance 3 or Bonus Doubler if you want her to focus on ranged units more.

Lull Atk/Spd, Null Follow-Up, Null C Disrupt are nice B-slots. You could also run Special Spiral Sol.

Atk Smoke for budget and Pulse Smoke for premium in C for obvious reasons.

A dual stance for the seal.

M!Corrin makes for great support but in this instance you don’t want him to soak Chills.

Naga or Mila for their Def boosts should be one of the mythics as Brunnya’s base Def is quite low :cat:

She can be used as your run of the mill IP mage on AR-D with lower damage output than your average nuke, but no need to rely on a rallytrap or Restore/Harsh Command+ to get rid of debuffs which is especially nice against stuff like Broadleaf and Duocaiah.


This is my current Brunnya, I run her with Thrasir on AR-D Anima so it may not be that helpful for this thread specifically. I’m thinking she’s a bit too EP focused for a defense team, but she seems to perform well enough anyway. I’ll probably convert her into an AR-O supertank in Light season eventually so I can harness her true power. A Stance seal might be more reliable overall.

Thx! Yes, I ran her during the Light season but haven’t thought of using her on Astra yet (right now):

This is the build I use for her in general content, it’s based on an idea I saw long ago that guarantees she can keep [Fimbulvetr] active after the first attack, [Mystic Boost 3] helps reduce the damage [Fury 4] does to 2 after battle and also works with her statline (since dragons normally target RES and they won’t be able to target her lower DEF, it also makes the staff users deal less damage).

Overall it’s been working great during her bonus season but even without the bonuses I’m sure she’ll be worth the investment, debuffs are a common thing in [Aether Raids] and having a unit that can soak them and use them on her favor helps (Idoun also does the job if you have her, and it’s nice that she has a different color as well), [Fury] also helps her soak {chill} debuffs easier, and even run a {sabotage} + {ploy} skills set reliably well.
Yes, using [Fury 3] is good enough, she’ll not take damage with it after combat if she has [Mystic Boost 3] but you don’t need it, a [Renewal 3] on her B/S-slot will do (budget build).

And now, with Mirabilis being an [AR-D] Anima Mythic Hero that boosts RES during its season Thrasir seems to be a common unit to pair with :feh_eirikathink: so I see a set with [Lull Atk/Res 3] and anything that boosts attack/resistance being of help to deal with her.
I often use my Rinea for that who has a 3× [Distant Guard 3] set.

@NickofTime80 also uses her, I’m sure he can provide an excellent advice :feh_birbpeek:


TBH it’s hard to recommend Brunnya on Astra season for AR-O just because Thrasir is such a hard counter to her without extreme/specialized investment (especially if you’re also running Naga, who gets clapped hard by her). It’s not always feasible to bait Thrasir with Altina on EP either.

I’m predicting the next Mythic we get is going to be for Astra season and will be a good counter to Thrasir.

I didn’t see it, but this akariss build is basically why i was iffy on her before.

Besides Thrasir, her spd is an awkward place where I’m not sure whether to dump it or go all out in pumping it. Apart from Thrasir, it doesn’t seem to benefit her THAT much, and she’d still be vulnerable to all impact effects. And she seems a bit pidgeonholed into astra season due to Naga buffs. I suppose she could run in light now more comfortably with Mila, but yeah, very mythic dependent, and seems like she’d be the type of unit who can suddenly fall out of favor fast.

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I wouldn’t really call Thrasir a hard counter.
Unless Brunnya’s damaged Killing Intent can’t activate. And without that Thrasir isn’t doing much to her :feh_legion:

How is Thrasir not doing much to Brunnya, even with Mythic buffs and without Killing Intent active? Unless you build Brunnya specially to handle Thrasir then maybe, but then she may not be as effective vs other opponents.

I tried running duel simulations to check their matchup, but it’s not letting me apply debuffs to Brunnya on mobile for some reason. I’d love to see the outcomes though. I’ll check again on my computer later.

You run her with this build on defense? I was wondering how a tankier Brunnya would do. Neutralizing debuffs is a huge stat swing in her favor, and she makes it pretty safe to run visible buffs. Forcing someone to bring out panic to counter one unit could be useful.

I’ve seen fury 4 and panic smoke on Astra defense. She has deceptively high Spd with her Prf so I often don’t get to double on her.


Of course this isn’t an IP Thrasir but it is a +10 one which you probably won’t run into very frequently :feh_legion:
And with Pulse Smoke you could even handle that :feh_excidunn:
This also is without M!Corrin.


Ah there we go, I had to apply Panic status to Brunnya in the duel sim to get the same effect without HP < 100%. Dumb phone browser numeric field entry keyboard doesn’t allow for the minus character for some reason :feh_almbruh:

I can see that Brunnya survives this encounter without Killing Intent active, but if she’s Panic’d she still gets outright clapped by Thrasir…Fimbulvetr doesn’t negate the Panic status so Killing Intent still activates. I suppose some form of Restore to remove Panic status would do the trick, but Brunnya still has to avoid Panic at the start of EP. It seems pretty dicey for Brunnya still imo.

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Thrasir is definitely a difficult match-up for Brunnya, there’s no denying that.
But it’s not to a extent where she’s completely helpless against her :feh_flaynfish:

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I’ve been eyeing her since last season when I had a visitor come to my house, led by her, and annihalated my pretty good defense. That alone is making me think along the same lines, my friend. I have more research to do but I’m thinking she could be the real deal.

Forgot the skills she had, I got a “friend” that has her on AR D and she is a beast (lull Atk Spd, close foil, pulse smoke).

Edit: @Banraku heh… looked a lot like yours. I see it now

Investing in her is really a question of how prominent unavoidable/targetted debuffs are in the future.

She’s solid in AR defense no matter what currently. A bit less damage than a typical nuke, but much harder to snipe and with lull atk/res a good counter to blade tomes and units like herself on offense.

But her multiple stats that need patching badly for offense puts me on the fence.

Currently, Duo Fonse does what she does but far, far better. If he was forced to take a -5 to all stats that he couldn’t soak though, that gap would shrink a lot.

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Other people who want a unit that ignores penalties: let’s build Brunnya

Me, an intellectual:

But honestly, I probably would’ve built her if my grails weren’t focused elsewhere. Also, I foolishly foddered one for Res Smoke so I only have a single copy and it would take 3200 grails to max her