BS+ Chrom, which B skill?

Currently, my favorite unit to use happens to be OG Chrom… I’ve been using this build and it works wonderfully

The thing is that the other day I pulled a dimitri that I am NOT gonna use, so I wondered if maybe it was worth it giving Chrom Death Blow 4 and Lull atk/def… I really think Lull atk/def would suit him especially well since he already uses the brave sword and can attack twice, but I’m not sure which is better, if chill def or lull. The ideal thing would be to have someone else in his team have chill while he has lull, but I’m afraid I can’t fit chill def anywhere, so that idea is a no go… anywho, what do you guys think would be the most beneficial skill for him?

Yeah DB4 and lull atk/def (or just the lull) would work very well with that build

But are you sure you wanna fodder Dimitri? He’s actually super good, I was gonna fodder mine but now he plays too important of a role in my anima defense so…

Honestly removing Sturdy Impact might not be a great idea. That additional defense means he can tank very well on PP(Not nearly as good as EP, but it is something) and should you have a dancer you can pick up an easy KO once Bonfire is ready. With that said it might work out better with Sturdy Impact and Lull Atk/Def. Reason being is that Chrom’s effective defense would then be 50 without buffs(Bonfire would only do 23 instead of 25 though) while the enemy can’t buff their own Atk or Def without the use of Drives/Spurs.

That’s just my opinion on the matter if you were to fodder any unit with Lull Atk/Def. I’d stick with SI and change the Chill to Lull. Only reason why I’d change the Chill to Lull is for more adaptability/coverage. Sure, you’d do a hell of a lot more damage to bulky tanks but once a Bonfire is ready and you’re able to dance that additional 8 damage won’t change much(Assuming you keep SI), but being able to do an additional 6 more damage to any unit that doesn’t have the highest Def stat is much better, IMO.


I don’t really use cavaliers all that much… He is also +res -hp, which I guess is fine but still, doesn’t convince me.

Which build do you use on him? Maybe you can can once me to keep him :)

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I don’t use cavs much either. I love flyers and I use inf because they’re usually the best

But Dimitri is helping my defence a lot. My build is simple, I think the Hone atk 2 came with glimmer lol

And my AR defense in case you were wondering. Even with 1 fort disadvantage only lost 90 lift this season

At least try him out I reckon. But the fodder is very very valuable tbh

Yeah I guess I’ll try him out for a few seasons and if it doesn’t really work out I’ll fodder him.

Thank you so much for the help :feh_flaynsmile:

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All good

I was gonna fodder him but I didn’t have anyone who wants both DB4 and lull atk/def. Now he performs so well I can’t really kill him

DB4 and lull Atk/Def are excellent together, but you’ve already given Chrom sturdy impact so I’d lean into that.

I’d save them for another unit like a guaranteed follow-up weapon like L! Ephraim or Edelgard.

Oh, and as for a B-skill, I’d go for a breaker. Sure, when he attacks the enemy can’t follow up, but on defense he can still (very easily) get doubled. This way, the breaker guarantees follow ups against that weapon’s user and guarantees no follow ups from them on either phase.

I thought the title was referring to Legendary Chrom

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Sturdy Impact = 10/10
DB 4 = 7/10

Keep Sturdy and give him the Lull


If you were to give him the lull skill, he could use it in not only player phase builds, but also enemy phase. You could run a bond build with the Falchion, with lull atk/def increasing bulk and damage.