Buddy Boost

I have my perfect Charizard at 2497CP. Am almost to best buddy. Once I reach Best buddy will the CP boost aromatically raise my Charizard CP. I need it for Ultra League. Most videos that iv watched there Pokemon we’re max CP and there CP boost got automatically increase. Am confused I need to b sure thanks.

Only while you are still walking with him. As soon as you switch buddies his CP will go back to 2497. It will go up again any time he’s your active buddy.

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So if the poster has the 2497 charizard as an active best buddy, then the CP boost will take it over 2500 CP. Can he still use it for UL if above 2500? I think that is the question.

I took it to mean is the boost permanent or not. It’s not… but no, a best buddy whose boosted CP exceeds the limit of a restricted CP format (GL and UL) can’t be used in that format.

But just switch buddies and all good again.

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