Buddy CP Bonus

Anyone understand how buddy CP bonuses play out? Does the Best Buddy get +1 on each stat? Suppose one of the stats is 15? Or is it some other mechanic altogether?

Any info appreciated.

They gain 1 whole level.

So a level 30 will become level 31, 40 becomes 41 etc… IF they are Best Buddies AND also being used as your current buddy

The stat gain from the CP boost varies a bit, likely due to rounding from the multiplier to the base stats. For instance, Dialga and Lucario gain 1 extra HP from the CP boost at lvl 41 while Mewtwo gains 2 HP.

Cool, thanks.

So that implies that there is now a multiplier for level 41.

Part of me dreads what happens when they raise the level cap - all the stuff I’m ‘done’ with leveling up will now need more attention.