Buddy gifts

So, recently our buddies have been bringing us gifts from pokestops so we can send them to our friends. But when my buddy brings me some gifts, they do not appear in my inventory!
Did somebody else notice this?

I assume that your bag is full?

No, that’s not the problem. And it’s been several times, already. The buddy gifts never show up in my inventory.

I’ve had this too, but I think it’s actually a timing of the animation. I haven’t confirmed this, but I think they’re not in my inventory because I’ve already sent them out.

Similarly. Sometimes you have a pokemon in your list that hasn’t yet hatched from an egg. And I’ve even photographed an instance where I had two universal In ubators because I had hatched it and reloaded it before the animation ever occurred.

The timing isn’t correct, you have gotten them way before the animation comes. But I also noticed I only get half of what the animation says. The max i got was 5 and the animation said 10. The new gifts get added at the bottom of your stack. So when you you have lots of gifts to send out it could very well be that you did already send the new gifts before the animation started.

That makes sense. I’m gonna test it. I had 12 gifts in my inventory, sent 8, now I’ve got 4. Let’s see if this number will increase during the day.
Unless my buddy gave me some gifts before I even thought about sending them and the animation didn’t come up yet…