Budget assassin alternatives to Okada Izo

Which servant is compareable to his damage output?

I have all the budget 3-1 star assassins, and Poison Hassan is at NP5.

Hundred Personas would be your best bet, though Kojirou also does pretty well. Serenity is an RNG heavy Assassin.


Damn. 100 Face Hassan only has NP1 right now.

I have a NP4 Fuuma though, is he good?

Fuuma is a farming Assassin. He has some survival potential due to his targetable evade and attack down, but for DPS he’s only really capable of farming. Do you have Jing Ke? She’s not quite as good as Hundred Personas but she still outputs some good damage.

FYI NP damage stops getting significantly better after NP3 so don’t get too fixated on NP5.


Unfortunately Jing Ke is NP1 as well.

Then Serenity and Kojirou might end up being your best options. Serenity isn’t that good because of a lack of good steroids and a reliance on Instant Death, but her NP does still does alright damage and you can delay enemy NP with good RNG as well as generate enough stars to have a heavy crit turn, again with the right RNG.

Kojirou has worse health but arguably better damage thanks to his rank up quests as well as a one turn hard survival in his evade.


I would say don’t worry about np levels for friend point servants like Hundred Personas or Jing Ke, you’ll eventually have NP5 as you continue to play and do both FP and quartz rolls. Invest in them now and they’ll inevitably hit their optimal performance, which exceeds most other low rarity options.

Izo also needs to be high NP level to surpass HP/Jing Ke and he requires quartz rolls, and people underestimate how hard to get his NP5 can be. Plus his mats for his skills suck horribly.


True about how hard it is to get Izo, I did roll a few times(3 grand summons) during that event and I didn’t even pull one.

Rolling a rate up 3* is only 4%, which is the same chance of rolling a 4* at all. So yeah…


It’s kind of weird to think about a “budget” alternative to a 3* Servant. He’s not bad, but there’s no compelling reason to chase him except for love, especially if not planning to NP5 him.


Yeah, never thought of it that way be him, CasGilles, Columbus, & Red Hare(also getting Jaguar and Bedivere past NP1) are all technically premium Servants.

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Okada-kun has that sort of exclusiveness about him for having the balls to be a limited low-rarity Servant. Regular story lock isn’t quite as bad since certain banners make it easier to grab them, like how Bedi fans might roll the class banner for Saber.


Yeah I get that, case in point I do have Bedi at NP2 and Jag at NP3 thanks to rolling for others on certain banners, and I get that Izo is especially annoying to get, but having to use SQ to get any of them is ballsy in it’s own right for a 3*.

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Aside from Hundred Faces, if you were able to make the Halloween 3 rerun, Mecha Liz is a pretty solid boss killer, albeit only half an Assassin. And Gray is coming next month, who isn’t exactly a boss killer being AoE but does have good damage, especially against Undead enemies… who aren’t normally Riders, to my recollection, but it does help her out a lot.

There are few enough big-name Rider bosses and Assassins on average are so weak a class that in general I’d normally recommend using your favourite Berserker rather than burning up resources on an ST Assassin with limited farming capacity, but if you’re really feeling that ST-Assassin shaped hole in your life, Hundred Personas is the way to go.

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Worth mentioning that Mecha Eli-chan suffers no Assassin ATK demerit, so that x1.5 damage looks pretty decent, especially compared to that of 1-3 star Servants.

Mech Eli is also a welfare with no future rerun, so not exactly an option should the OP have missed her last year.

Naturally, but I don’t think they mentioned whether or not they got her.

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As I said many time, hundred persona is basically the best assassin except high rarity.
She is very good and, in proper team support she eve outperform izo . Not that izo is not a good servant, he is easier to enabler then hundred persona and can give good result with a crit team, a much easier kind of comp, because let’s be real, we have so many crit support (Hans for exemple, then waver, Chiron and so on).

Hundred persona however require more to be enabled. Very specific comp to make her loop. Once she reach thet she surpass izo. Before that izo is better.
Of course np5 vs np5.

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