Budget Brunnya B-Skill

I got Brunnya from the TT and plan to use her as a bonus unit for the rest of the event. I gave her Fimbulvetr, Reposition, Iceberg, Fury 3 and Res Smoke 3. What’s a recommended budget/grail B-Skill for her?



i would say despo as well and for a seal you can use brazen atk/spd

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Yes, [Desperation 3] goes really well with her, specially with that A-skill, well here goes mine:

She deals enough damage for me and is really budget :ok_hand:t2: I plan to give her [Brazen Atk/Spd 4] which can be better I think :thinking:.

[Fury 3] is a g00d skill that makes synergy with it and her weapon [Fimbulvetr].

Oh and [Desperation 3] is obtainable from a 4★ Shanna alongside [Iceberg] so if you need lessax CD but still use her RES for extra damage take it

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Desperation. She’s got decent attack but not enough bulk to survive multiple hits. She needs a way of ensuring that she can kill the enemy without falling on her knee and bleeding to death.

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