Budget Ultra League Team

Hey guys,

so I was looking into Ultra League PvP and I keep getting beaten by all those Giratinas and Regis. Especially Registeel.
Unfortunately I don’t have any of those valuables legendaries, so I tried to come up with a budget solution.

For now I have my Charizard with fire spin, cd move and dragon claw.
I havn’t invested in anything else so far. But my best choices would be
Weavile - which is already at 2479 CP, would probably work well against Giratina.
Donphan - also at 2480 CP, could work against Registeel with counter.

Furthermore I have Gallade and Flygon, which are probably worth an investment, but would cost ~200k dust each to get on the right level and unlock a 2. move.
Empoleon would be a bit cheaper. Thanks to its steel typing and Blizzard it could also work as a Giratina counter.
Also I could possible add a venusaur with frenzy plant later. Just lacking the candy right now.

What would you suggest? Are any of these actually worth the investment?

Edit: just noted that I have an Aggron on the Bench. Maybe also against Giratina…

People are using gyarados all the time and it’s proven a great cheap mon. It does SE damage to tinas, and resists everything that registeel can throw at it. Also covers Swampert pretty well, another omnipresent fella.
Double flying will need something to cover rock, so empoleon it’s a nice third option. Yes, you’ll get destroyed by electric, but in 25 matches I still didn’t see any…
Charizard: FS, CD move, DC
Gyarados: DB, crunch, hydro pump
Empoleon: either fast move (I would choose metal claw), hydro canon, blizzard.

All three threaten giratinas, need only 10 k for second atk, have a nuke move, 2 of them are a complete wall to registeel, and 2 walls against charm too… Seems promising, I think I’m going to try it…


I agree with @TulipsRenegade; Gyarados is a very good UL budget option. If you go with dragon breath, crunch, and hydro pump, you’ll have a Mon that can take on both Giratinas, the big Psychic tanks (Cresselia, Lugia, Armored Mewtwo), Swampert, Registeel, most Fighting-types running Counter, and any Charm users (hydro pump effectively deletes them if they’re out of shields). It’s a very strong anti-meta pick.

Of the Mons you listed, personally, I wouldn’t recommend Weavile. It hits Giratina for SE damage, but it’s very frail. Even though it resists Ghost moves, Shadow Ball will still hit it for a ton of damage.

Poliwrath is a monster with Mud Shot, Ice Punch and either Dynamic Punch or Power-Up Punch.

Budget 'tina counters:
Stoutland - Lick+Crunch/Wild Charge
Scizor - Fury Cutter or Bullet Punch+Night Slash
Empoleon - Metal Claw+HC/Blizzard, does much better as closer though because of high energy costs

Budget steel counters:
Gyarados (as listed by @TulipsRenegade and @BlameScott can also beat 'tina)
Machop/Haryama - Counter+Dynamic Punch though 2nd move helps
Swampert - Mudshot+HC/Earthquake
Charizard - can also pressure 'tina with Dragon Claw (won’t win though)

@Brady0471 Poliwrath may be a solid 'mon but it is a far cry from a budget 'mon (as OP requested).

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Swampert, Venusaur all with CD and 2nd moves
You can make Charmer either Togekiss or Clefable and Snorlax
Stoutland if you want
Gyarados, it is not very good if you wanna use it straight against Gira A, but it can weaken in

All only need 10k dust for it secondary moves, charmer and snorlax need its baby form to get that 10k moves before evolving though…

After that, it depend on how you prepare your line up theie squad and find the best possible way to using them…

Clefable needs only 10 k dust and 25 candies to unlock its second move, but it’ll need to be maxed in UL.

Yes you are right, it is 10k event in its final evolution, i mixed it up with togepi and munchlax

Just to add
I only listed Swampert and Venusaur not because the other starter is not good, but those two is the easier and more straight forward to master.
Other are good also but you need more learning curve to mastered it, and not so straight forward style in using it

I’m not as big a fan of Gyrados as many. Takes too lunch to charge moves and gets ate by Venusaur and even stuff its suppose to counter.

Togekiss , Clefable, Lapras, Snorlax aren’t budget options to many but if you consider them that they are better than Gary

2 solid budget dragon counters

Ice fang/crunch/HC fernalligator
Single move IW Articuno (purify one from giovanni if ur blue)

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I’ve been running a team with Torterra (Razor Leaf+Frenzy Plant/Sand Tomb) and Stoutland (Lick+Crunch/Play Rough) on it; the third spot is a legendary, but the common guys carry their weight.

Gliscor fc/ns…

My cheap team for my main account is

Swampert, I had one near 2500CP so I just spent 10000 dust on a second move and a few TM
Giratina, just spent the candy I had parked from raids to get closer to the cap and a few TM
Venosaur, was my most expensive because it was 2000CP to start with and I also bought a second move and TMs.

All in all around 50,000 Dust, 5-8 TMs.

Obviously I lost more than I win because Giratina doesn’t have any defence against charmers without the second rock charged attack but if I’m lucky I may break even for dust and TMs. (will not get any 4/5 with this team).

For my alt account I use the same but instead of Venosaur I use a Granbull that was at 2300CP without a second move. It also loses more than it wins but I won’t invest any more dust or TMs.

Both play in rank 8.

Hey man, my lineup consist of Venusaur (VW/PB+SB), Empoleon (WF/HC+HP), Alo-Muk (PJ/AS+Cr).
Basically only took me like 70k stardust to get 2nd charged att.
Got like 19 cw against most tina counters. Only lost to those surprise steel bastards

There are videos of a guy who had success with some off-meta Pokemon that are fairly inexpensive.

Escavlier costs no candy to evolve if you trade. Counter/Megahorn/Acid Spray
Granbull Charm/Foul Play/Close Combat
Cloyster Ice Shard/Icy Wind/Hydro Pump

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I’m not sure that this team is really inexpensive. Granbull needs to be maxed, so even candies are not an issue, the stardust can be an obstacle. Cloyster too will also need to maxed or almost depending on iv. Escavalier is probably the least expensive in terms of stardust at ~Lv. 35, if one manages to get traded a weather boosted one. But depending on its relative rarity, I think most players will have to trade one from egg-hatched level and grind candies to build it up from there.

Edit: I totally forgot about Lucky pokemon. If one can find a partner to mass trade, it looks much more feasible.