Buff stacking in ESO

I have been playing ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) for some time now. I have my own sorta play style, but one thing I want to confirm is about stacking buffs. If I use multiple different skills that increase my physical and spell resistance, would they stack? Does Force Siphon and Blood Altar also stack? As in, does it heal me for more if I use them both? If any of you know this, I would appreciate an answer.

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You can stack physical and magical resist, tanks do this often. I think the only buffs/debuffs that dont stack are those of the same variety like minor and major.

Like if you apply minor maim to a boss and then try to do it again, the timer would just refresh, but the buff wouldnt stack. But I think you can stack a Major and Minor buff/debuff, not 100% though