Build Finished

It was hard to get rid of my colorless Corrin, but I am satisfied with my build in the end, and I just need to +10 Legion




Sees Fury 3

Wait, Fury 3 + Galeforce + Poison Strike? That’s a bit of an oddity.


That was my mistake, I forgot to put Brazen as the sacred seal


Fury with Sudden Panic and only 30/30 defenses? Your hp is gonna stop helping fast

Now get rid of the Res. Refine.

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Good point, which one would you prefer, the only one i don’t have is the Mt. 16 with HP +5

Also, some skills I would like to have I have no access to yet, as much as I would like to

Maybe I’d consider a bond A skill, or something similar to that

Spd., it’s Legion’s Best Friend.


That’s what i just did, I’ve really been trying to get better skills

One skill I’m trying to get is Flashing bade 4, but I haven’t pulled the required unit for that skill sadly

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Here, how’s this

@AlexTheGod04 If you want a bond skill I’d go with atk/spd bond(available on Louise with grails), but atk/res could help him against dragons I suppose. One thing I don’t understand is Sudden Panic. His hp will drop pretty fast as he fights(and you’re counting on it with that brazen seal), but Sudden Panic requires his hp to stay high. Just to proc brazen his hp would have to drop to 49, which is ok for sudden panic but one more combat and it stops working. A lull skill would be much more consistent here

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Again, good point, it really was not something I thought about, and another issue is that I have nobody to inherit a lull skill to, and maybe thinking about giving him Wrath or Special Spiral, but it really is just a matter of time before I get the things I should use


By now I’ve just been asking the community, which I feel a little bad about

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No need to feel bad about it. We’re happy to help :feh_eirikaxmas:


Nah no worries bud. I post questions about different characters all the time. The problem with wrath and special spiral is that neither of them work with galeforce(which is stupid wrath should absolutely work).
But depending on the game mode, sudden panic isn’t too bad. In Arena for example its only a 4 vs 4, so you don’t need Legion to do much fighting. Even in AR there’s a good chance that by the time his health is too low either the will be over or the enemies will be too spread out for SP to work anyways

Tl;dr: Sudden Panic will work just fine until you can get him flashing blade and a lull skill

As someone who builds Legion and Legion a lot, I can see what you’re going for with Sudden Panic so I would like to offer my help.

Sped Refine is def the way to go with him, regardless of weapon except for maybe Hack o Lanturn with Distant counter and even that’s a hard maybe.

Personally, I like running Solos or Fury for his A - with Sudden Panic, I think you’d actually be better off with Atk/Spd Solo. I’d also either run Him with a healer or Renewal Seal to keep his heal up - especially if you’re committed to Galeforce. Should you choose to use Fury AND Sudden Panic, the Renewal Seal will keep your heal up in a pinch.

Usually I run Triple bonds with the Faithful Axe, or I run Slaying, Fury, Wrath and brazen when I run galeforce.

It certainly is a good start, though. Well done!

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