Build for the Birthday Boy

Since today’s Henry birthday, I thought I’d finally get around to building him, especially since I just pulled a better IV copy of his Halloween alt

I actually got into Fire Emblem because of Henry. My friend was playing Awakening and sent me a screenshot of the character he had just recruited, this cheery little murder loving mage. I noticed he had the same birthday as me which is something I’d never come across before, not even with other people. So I thought I’d look him up on the Fire Emblem wiki. Then I looked into the rest of Awakening. Then I fell into the hole that is the Fire Emblem series and I’ve been stuck here ever since. But it’s nice enough.


That is one speedy boi :feh_birbpeek:
Nice build. Maybe you could try an owl tome if you don’t need the Panic effect from his native tome? :thinking:


That’s a really good suggestion and probably a much better choice, but I really like the animation for the Spectral tome


If it’s his birthday and he has the same birthday as you…that means…
Happy Birthday!!!
Henry was definitely my favorite character in awakening! (And technically he was my favorite video game character for a while, since awakening was the first game I had played that was mainly plot driven and had developed characters.)
Now we wait for his refine.


Well then use his Spectral Tome :feh_legion:
Also Happy Birthday! :partying_face:


Happy birthday! :partying_face:
@StarryVagabond ha I win


Happy Birthday! I hope you had a nice day! Nice Henry too!


You have pretty much the same build as I do, I just never updated his Special and you use Atk/Spd instead of Spd/Res, lol.

I prefer his Spectral Tome because mass Panic, and I also want to give him Atk Smoke for the possibility of the enemy having -13 attack debuff.


Thank you! Henry was one of my favorite characters too. I still like him quite a lot and am also waiting for his refine :feh_elisad:

Thank you! It was a pleasant day, despite the snow. And thank you for the compliment on Henry, I was hoping this would be a good build for him. I’m not very experienced with armor units but I had the fodder and like Henry so I figured I’d give it a go

That makes me feel a little better about him :feh_lotsaborbs: Atk/Spd Bond was more easily accessible but Spd/Res probably works well on him too.
Fair point about the debuffs, I may try that out when not running him with other armors. With my poor strategizing, I need that extra movement




I see Henry.


Yeah, it’s nice when you share a birthday with a Fire Emblem character… unless you share your birthday with a character you don’t like.


I’d go for a Res refine, but I just like 40 visable Res :feh_legion:, he looks great. :ok_hand:

And, happy belated birthday, I guess. :feh_popcorrin:

Something tells me you know from experience

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I share a birthday with Jakob


I’ll just assume you don’t like him, so that’s unfortunate :feh_elisad:

I don’t share my birthday with any FE characters, but I’m closest to Frederick. :thinking:

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Yeah. Jakob’s a jerk to anyone who isn’t the avatar.


I can imagine. :feh_tooobin:

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I don’t think that’s true. There have been a few support conversations where Jakob was actually very helpful. If I recall, he’s very blunt and to the point with the way he talks, but I wouldn’t say he’s a jerk to everyone.


Speaking of halloween Henry I love Henry as well

I’m going for a resistank build and I’m not wealthy enough to afford some higher-tier skills (fighters, maybe bond skills, def skills…)
No other B-skill suits Henry that much and I don’t have any Quick Riposte/Desperation fodder (yet), so consider Poison Strike temporary
If I had a spare Lugh with some worse IVs then maybe I could give him Gronserpent, but since I don’t have any I’m sticking with this
What do you think from the budget point of view?
constant 48 res allows for stuff like this to happen


I’d give em Mirror Strike (from Oliver) and Atk/Res Bond seal instead. Much more Atk and 3 more PP Res for 1 less Res on EP. Maybe a Breaker for the B?

Him taking on Lilina. His resistance was actually debuffed by 7 because of her.

He has +6 to all stats thanks to Odin, although Lilina’s build is questionable.