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I’ve been a bit bored as of late and I decided I wanted to build a new unit but I don’t really know who I want to build so I was maybe hoping to see if anyone could give me a good idea about who would be a good project. Preferably, I’d rather not do grail units as I have a few projects that need grails, but besides that, anything is good

These are my current +10 and projects that I’m working on


Looking at your current +10s, you’re really heavily in Red. Got any Player Phase Greens you were considering?

Frederick’s an easy pick to make good with little premium. You can try stacking Death Blow for +20 Atk on initiation, maybe go for Lancebreaker + Heavy Blade and Galeforce for an unorthodox Galeforcer build.

There’s also Python, who’s surprisingly speedy and can access a lot of good bows (including the Monstrous Bow from Halloween Jakob Ephemera to get Panic Smoke in his kit). As Cavalry he also gets Lulls.

Other than that, you may wanna consider another Blue aside from Ferdinand. Maybe a Blue Tome, like Ilyana or Valbar? You seem rather low on Armors, too, which units like Sheena and Gwendolyn can help fill the gap for.


Besides Picnic Leo, not really

You could probably do with another blue from the looks of it.

Do you have a role you want them to fulfil?


Not really that I can think of

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As others have said, you have a lot reds, so maybe another colour

Some blues I’d suggest would be Seteth, and you could run him with SS3 or Sturdy Impact along with Dive Bomb and get a good PP nuke, as well as Thea if you need a more defensive role.

For green, some I’d suggest are Nino or Python for a PP nuke depending on who you like more/have more copies of

And for colourless if you need a dancer I’d say Tethys is a really good one. She’s pretty tanky with a def superboon and can be built many different ways depending on your needs

As always, feel free to ignore my advice if you don’t like these units or if I’m wrong since I’m not the most knowledgeable FEH player :feh_nino:

Also there might be better blues/colourless out there, I’m just speaking from experience with units I’ve used/seen used


It’s alright. Any ideas are appreciated

My current project: Ena

This is my current project, and she’s bee doing awesome so far, easily one of my strongest tanks. I haven’t really decided on which build I want to go for, or which IVs I want. Staying neutral gives her more build versatility, but going +RES gives her a lot more survivability and counterattack power







Team-based sweeper.



BIgnis physical tank



Many, if not all of these, are pretty heavily invested. Make budget at your own discretion wherever you need or want to.


For physical and blue nukes, Gordin, Leon, :feh_rein: and Ilyana come to mind. All very scary with investment. Cordy and Cherche could be great too for GFing and extra mobility for the team. Norne is, of course, a swiss army knife in the best sense.

Idk if I was helpful, I feel weird recommending all these gen 1 units lol

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Actually, Cordelia sounds kinda of fun to build

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I think I’ll build Cordelia. Ty everyone for your input though. It was really helpful :feh_flaynsmile:


Need any build recommendations? A very big one people like to recommend is Swift Sparrow + Dive Bomb due to the synergy it has with her prf.

That sounds like a good idea. I would have to wait for the fodder, though, since I don’t have any fodder on me

Pirate Tibarn should be returning December at the earliest, and odds are we’ll get another unit with it in the meantime

Yeah but since I’m saving orbs at the moment, I’ll have to wait until later since I’m saving until the end of February

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As someone who’s also working on units, Altena has been a carry for my fe4 team

Not perfect but she’s solid on enemy phase. Especially if you can isolate an enemy archer and apply the atk debuff

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