Building a Gwendolyn?

I wanted to build a Sheena with plus res to make her into a mixed tank but I’ve got plenty of good green armoured tanks like Nagi and Winter Sothis and really need a blue one so I thought about Gwendolyn. I remember that she was very good back in the day but is she still worth it or is there someone else that’s better and just as easily accessible? If not, are there any builds that she runs really well? I plan to run a plus res Gwendolyn for mixed tanking.

Some other units I was thinking off were Conrad or Thea since they’re both pretty good at mixed tanking.

Not really. I mean, there’s Conrad but that’s pretty much it if memory serves me right.

Looks good to me, on paper at least.

Ah cool thanks, just wanted to make sure

Well there’s Valbar who has a very similar statline but a bit more BST :feh_eirikathink:

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Lol, forgot he existed.

She is ok, but not worth it nowadays imo, at least until she gets a refine. IMO the only gen 1 armor who can still perform is Effie with +atk IV and bold fighter

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