Building a new AR-O team with Chrom. Suggestions wanted!

Hello, fellow Summoners. I want to build an Astra AR-O centered around Chrom.

Why Chrom?
Sealed Falchion is really good against Duma and even Seiros (though I will still need to be careful tanking her). Well, Sealed Falchion is just really good. His resplendent is also hot.

Why not Lucina or Masked Marth?
Lucina is 5* locked and it will take me a very long time to max merge. When it comes to Masked Marth, even though I’ve been playing this game since the beginning, I didn’t play it seriously enough back then to collect the free copies; and I would like to spend my grails on other projects. Besides, I like Chrom’s extra bulk and attack.

Who will be supporting him?
A Far Save tank. Most likely Brave Hector because, although he’s too boring and meta, he’s just way too good, but I would also like other Far Save suggestions. When it comes to Mythics, I’ll be using Reginn, Altina, Plumeria, and Naga most of the time. I also have Ashera, who will definitely help Chrom more than Naga, but I’m accounting for a “worst case scenario.”

I have two builds planned for him:

Build 1: Spurn

Build 2: NFU

Why Joint Drive Atk? Wouldn't the Spd version be more useful?
Normally yeah, but in the sims I ran, Chrom needs every bit of extra Atk in order to duel units like Seiros and even F!Edelgard (Build 2 lets him safely tank a +1 low investment one). Speedy duelists might be a problem though.

Why only 10 Dragonflowers?
Usually, it’s not good to pump visible stats too high thanks to Shrines.

Why not Kestrel Stance for Build 2?
I’m considering it. It’s usually better to go 100% player phase or enemy phase.

Which build will be better for Astra?
  • Build 1
  • Build 2
  • Another one

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Who should be his Far Save partner?
  • B!Hector (boring but obvious)
  • Someone else

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If you’re having him fight Seiros, NFU is probably going to be more useful

Lets you double despite her Mirror Impact and also keeps NFU variants of Seiros from doubling through Sealed Falchion


Surprisingly, according to the Duel Sim, Spurn Chrom does better than NFU Chrom vs Seiros, thanks to his damage reduction. This is assuming the Seiros is at low merges and investment (which is what almost everyone has). If the Seiros is +10, NFU Chrom survives with more HP.


From experience, I can promise you that Chrom needs DR to tank Seiros. Even though he’d kill Seiros w/ Null follow up, 1-2 other melee units will finish him off. DR allows him to have much more than 15-20 hp so he can at least stand a chance with others. Even though Seiros is alive, there’s still a chance nobody will dance her and you can just kill Seiros next turn.

Chrom just really isn’t ideal for Anima atm because Seiros is too popular

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