Building an Arena Team from Questionable +10 Units

I have some older +10 merged units lying around that I’d like to throw into Arena. I’ve never made it past Tier 18, and I’m hoping for tips on how to build a team from the units I have.

The +10 roster so far (builds can be added in follow-up posts):

  • Masked Marth
  • OG Olivia
  • OG Eirika
  • Black Knight
  • Donnel
  • OG Lilina
  • OG M! Morgan
  • OG Catria
  • Cordelia
  • Cynthia
  • Felicia

Is it worth trying to make a full team from this list, or am I better off looking for newer units with fewer merges?


Current builds (1-3)

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No, merges matter a TON for arena and being stuck in T18 is, if I remember correctly, more of a merge problem more than it is a BST or arena build scoring problem.

Like, I think grabbing your most skill invested units off the list and using the most SP expensive skills you have on them is enough to coast in T19.5 (bouncing between T19 and T20).

Heck, you might have leeway for movement assists or even Olivia without R Duel Infantry.


Current builds (4-6)

Current builds (7-10)

Oh, neat!
I didn’t know about this calculator, and I’m definitely going to give it a try.

I figure I’ll post the builds just in case anyone’s curious.

Why no, I’m not looking for excuses to show off at all!


Last build

Going from 200SP specials like Sol and Moonbow to 500SP specials like Aether, Galeforce, Ruptured Sky, Blue Flame, and prf specials makes for a substantial boost. If you can’t afford even Aether or Galeforce, the budget option is to go for AOE specials that cost 300SP.

Use the arena score calculator and try to aim for a team that reaches the mid 730’s range, I think.

Totally workable. Just don’t use 4 reds in an arena team, lol. You even have space to change a few of the dual rally assists into movement assists without much change in the team score while also having a dancer.


Just tried out a newly-equipped Arena team using the calculator as a guide:

It seems to be working - I’m getting Matchups with scores around 732-734, and this team isn’t too far from what I would normally work with.

Thanks for the help!
Now I just have to win 5 matches…

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The new team seems to be working so far!

Hopefully things stay this smooth when I get back into Tier 18.


Out of your options, best units would be: Black Knight, M!Morgan and Donnel/Cordelia (Nice Donnel!)

Olivia scores very poorly due to the dance skill and low bst without the R Duel infantry.

You might want to invest into a green unit to balance your color options. Ninja Shamir is one of the best, available in the grail shop and scores the highest without a Duel skill (756 at max investment)

Another great option for arena scoring is Yen Fay, also scores 756 and is a popular unit.