Building Corrin after refine


Recently reached 999,999 feathers. I had to spend some so I upgraded my cav line defense. However, for more general use Corrin caught my eye after todays batch of refines. I was thinking of two builds.

Sol as the special
Bonus Doubler
Res Smoke
Brazen atk/res

Time’s Pulse
Flashing Blade

On my phone so too lazy to make pics.

Do you have a boon in mind? I am leaning towards either res for more tankiness or attack as its a superboon and increases healing. I’m not sure about speed because her weapon debuffs enemies and buffs her simultaneously. If she gets the -7 off she effectively has 54 speed without buffs (+10/10). And most speed demons are red so WTA helps.

Anyway, what do you guys think and how do you plan on building her?

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Res boon, and DC/NFU/Res Smoke with your choice of special.

BD3 would be great paired with Saizo, so they could both get spectrum buffs off of the enemy’s inevitable debuffs.

Uh, Bonus Doubler only works on the user’s visible buffs… The buffs from Saizo’s Star and Gloom Breath refines are invisible buffs so Bonus Doubler will do nothing without a third member providing visible buffs.

But that aside, Corrin and Saizo work well together.


The first build would work better with Light Breath, but she could still get overwhelmed without DC. I have run it like this: Light Breath+Res, Aether, Fortress Def/Res, NFU, Atk Smoke, Warding/Swift Stance. I have tried Flashing Blade with this skill set but I don’t like its performance that much.

I have run Dark Breath+Spd, Aether, DC, Def/Res Link, Res Smoke and Warding/Swift Stance. In this way, you could exploit visible and in-combat buffs to make her quite strong. Without DC, she has run Swift Sparrow 2 and Windsweep/Waterweep to apply debuffs safely.

Currently I’m running: +Atk with Gloom Breath+Eff, Aether, DC, NFU, Res Smoke and Swift Stance. The seal will change to Spd/Res Solo once I get it. I am considering Lull Atk/Spd because she misses the extra Res from her refines. I could give her Pulse or Panic Smoke but I think she wants to keep Res Smoke to get extra Res from her refine. Threaten Atk/Res could be a good option on her C-slot but I don’t have it.

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Threaten Atk/Res is sort of a waste since it overlaps with her prf. Then again, we may never get Threaten Def/Res due to how niche of a use it’d have.

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It’d be a partial waste. Threaten Atk/Res gives visible buffs too, her weapon doesn’t. So she would get +5 Atk (visible) +5 Atk (from threatening Res), +5 Res (visible) and +5 Res (refine). Not too shabby.

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no matter how much people try to find DC replacements, it never goes well for this type of unit. I wouldn’t bother giving her any other A skill.

She can stack a lot of stats if she has debuffer support from sabotage res and sabotage def while still keeping her C slot open for pulse smoke. Generally speaking, these types of units tend to run null follow up well, and if you’re going to use her seriously in AR, you’re going to see a lot of follow up negation.

I’d go DC/NFU (ncd situationally)/pulse smoke/mirror stance and an atk boon, preferably with Eir(s).

Another option would be to run QR in her seal so you can run something else in her B slot, maybe SS.

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I mean… it would work fine on Dragon’s against ranged foe’s and Annette… and any other units that end up getting the ability to attack the lowest Defensive stat

+spd for general use and low merges
+atk if you don’t feel like spd
+res if you want her to supertank

She will need support for res boon tho, maybe Eir blessings, res smoke, stuff like that

Here’s what I’ve planned for mine

For light season tanking, with an Eir and a Peony

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Thanks to everyone for the inspiration!

Although I probably wont use her as a supertank, cause I have Bike for that and I dont play too much AR. But I guess res is best for that. Although, with Sol/Aether, an attack boon means 2 more health restored, so that mitigates the res loss slightly.

If I were to use her as a supertank, probably noontime and NCD instead of Sol and NFU though.

Im leaning towards attack. Thanks for the help!

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Yeah for use that’s not ARO super tanking +atk or +spd is good. Atk is a superboon iirc so that’s nice.

As for Noontime + NCD…

I dunno, I think either could work, but due to the prevalence of Bram I think NFU is pretty important. Depends on team comp and such. But either way, I’m going NFU because I don’t have NCD or a lull :fgo_ishtarshook:

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Good point about Bram. I guess NFU helps against a miriad of units. I just get scared that wrazzledazzle staffs will get danced and facerape my backline units.

I would prefer noontime cause that would net you healing on every engagement. I think special cooldown reduction on corrin is whats holding her back from being tier 1.

So, come to think of it, maybe special spiral?

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SS could also work. I don’t have that either lol.

Could always just use Flashing Blade in s slot.

I also see what you mean about wrazzle dazzle. That also depends on team comp, if there’s another NCD unit, or if you have a back pocket NCD unit or something.

Noontime or Sol I dunno honestly. I think either would be fine. I guess when I finish building her I’ll have to test that out and see which one is better