Building teams for all leagues

TLDR: Decide which league to use the first four in, then work from there.

Since the start, I have focused on Great League, only briefly dabbling with Ultra League in Season 1 and not bothering with Master League, but the introduction of Premier Cup for the latter two makes me keen to gradually build teams for all the leagues.

To complicate matters, some of my favourite (and the most iconic) Gen 1 species are meta in multiple leagues (unfortunately, Gen 2 species are only viable in Great League), so some hard decisions have to be made (and may determine my other team members too).


PvPoke ranks it #1 in Ultra League Premier Cup (not surprising, as it was Giratina, Cresselia and Registeel that oppressed it) and mine can be powered up to exactly 2500. The problem?

Mine is in the Great League team that I have stuck with since the start. Venusaur has great synergy with my 1500 Azumarill lead (IB+PR) and A-Marowak. If I promote it to Ultra League, I have to build a new Great League team from scratch (though I will probably keep Azumarill, as I want to use a Gen 2 species and it has the best coverage).

I tried leading with it in Ultra League, but Registeel turned out to be rare at lower levels and Togekiss far more common than expected, so I switched to A-Muk. Aqua Tail may make it more viable in Ultra and Master. I have maxed a 15/14/15 (A/D/S) for gym defence and used a 13/15/15 (2499) for Ultra but could evolve and power up a fresh 13/15/15 or 14/15/15 Magikarp to save an Elite TM.

I have a lucky 15/14/15 that I am tempted to max out for Master League and gym defence, but Snorlax may be more suited for Ultra League (as an anti-Giratina), for which I could use a 11/15/14 instead.

I have one with Frost Breath and Ice Beam that can reach 1496 and 2499. More inclined to use it for Ultra League or not at all since it has poor synergy with Azumarill.

Others I have ready to go:

As previously mentioned, my lead in Great League. Currently has Ice Beam and Play Rough but if I promote Venusaur and revamp my Great team, I may change one move to Hydro Pump if that has better synergy with other team members.

As previously mentioned, member of my Great League team, drafted in to deal with Registeel.

As previously mentioned, lead for my Ultra team back in Season 1. Has Snarl + Sludge Wave and Dark Pulse.

Another member of my Ultra League team.

Another member of my Ultra League team.

Briefly used in Great but replaced with A-Marowak due to troubles with Registeel.

Purified perfect that I could use in Master. Has Smack Down + Stone Edge and Crunch.

Perfect, currently used for defending gyms, taking them down and raiding Kyurem, but could also feature in my Master team. Currently has Bullet Punch + Meteor Mash and Earthquake.

Perfect with Psycho Cut + Psystrike and second charged move changed depending on raid needs (and Focus Blast for gyms when the legendary is not weak to any of the elemental moves). May have to stop changing its charged move if I use it for Master.

Fortunate to find one that evolved to 1498.

Other potential team members that I have lying around:

One of the few Gen 2 species viable in Ultra, albeit a niche pick.

Hatched a perfect one! Lucky me.

Unlikely to use because it shares an Electric weakness as Azumarill but has far worse coverage.

I have one that would reach exactly 2500. Did briefly consider it for Great (as an anti-Steel not weak to Ground since I was considering Ampharos) but it shares an Electric weakness with Azumarill.

I have a shiny one from go fest :3

I wouldn’t use Frost Breath honestly, I think it’s at like 3.5 DPT 2.5 EPT, while Ice Shard has 3 DPT 3.33 EPT. That energy generation combined with either Surf, Ice Beam or Skull Bash is great for shield pressure.

Tyranitar is weak to Ground, Water, Steel, Fighting and Fairy in ML. So that’s Groudon, Togekiss, Dialga, Palkia, Kyogre, Melmetal, Machamp, Conkeldurr, Rhyperior, Excadrill, Metagross, Swampert. I’m probably even missing a few. I mean it’s a cool pokemon, but not the one to use in ML or for PvP at all.

I don’t know what you’re looking for really. Are you asking people to suggest teams? Personally I’d just stick to whatever you feel most comfortable with. Everyone plays different so I’m not sure how useful team suggestions would be

Same. Lapras has only ever been really successful with ice shard. If you don’t want to invest an ETM on it I wouldn’t advise the investment. Of course you do you. Obviously it would still steam roll Dragonite and swampert, but when it comes to matchups where you need charge moves to win it’s gonna feel bad.
Also if you’re stretched for Snorlax candy you could always take your best Iv one and play it UL until the leagues switch over and then just power it up.
In my experience UL tends to be pretty forgiving as far as bad PvP IV mons.
It’s probs best to just take charizard right to 2500. It’s not very good in GL. It usually can’t stick around long enough to land many blast burns.

Oops, I got my moves mixed up. Double-checked and that Lapras has Ice Shard (while my others have Frost Breath).

I would like to start by deciding which league to use Venusaur, Gyarados and Snorlax in (perhaps Lapras too), given that my Great team is very likely to include Azumarill.

These decisions would shape the rest of my teams. For example, if Venusaur remains in Great, I can stick with my Great team but would need a Swampert counter for Ultra (especially Premier). On the other hand, building an Ultra team around Venusaur would be easier (I would need a bodyguard for it) but my Great team would need two new members that have synergy with Azumarill.

I have the exact Tyranitar as you but not purified. Don’t sleep on it in Premier Masters. It can hit back against and devastate Metagross with Crunch and anything Flying is diced up by Smack Down and wants to get out of that situation.

Plenty of grasses are viable in GL, so you might get away with powering Venusaur up for UL if you’ve got something decent to sub into its place. Venusaur is only one of a couple of grasses that do ok in UL.

I get the impression you don’t have another Venusaur?

But in that case, Tyranitar can’t defeat both. Smack Down you beat fliers, but Smack Down charges too slow to beat Metagross. With Bite you defeat Metagross and have an okay matchup against Dragonite, Smack Down Rhyperior and Magnezone.

It could wall some Snorlaxes, but Superpower barely OHKO’s I think

I dunno about devastating Metagross, meteor mash is a ohko (or very close to, can’t remember exactly). Majority of situations, ttar gets undone pretty quick vs Metagross when shields are still in play.

Yea, this is why you more or less need bite (in addition to not completely suck vs swampert and magnezone). But even then it is, well, not that great, cause no real farming is possible. I used it sometimes and it was ok in some situations, bit would not really rely on it, neither in master league, nor in PC.

If you’d pick one per League, I’d say this;

Venusaur will likely be meta in UL. There are quite some picks in GL that could replace it, such as Ferrothorn, Meganium, Shadow Victreebel, Ivysaur. They’re definitely not all the same as Venusaur since Venusaur has great Poison-type coverage, but they also have their own niches. Ferrothorn walls Azumarill even better and has great coverage against other Grass-types in Flash Cannon or Skarmory with Thunder, Meganium is bulkier and has a great Ground-type move in EQ. Just to mention a few

With the Registeel nerf, the niche of Gyarados in UL shrinks. I don’t think it’s going to be meta in UL premier too. Best place is probably in ML Premier, where it will be even a bigger threat with Aqua Tail.

With Registeel gone, Lapras is likely to be the ultimate safeswap in UL. The only meta threat remaining is Poliwrath. It won’t be as good in UL Premier I expect with all the Venusaurs and Machamps running around.

Personally, I think Snorlax is way better in ML than it is in UL, since you lose against Swampert in UL. There are plenty of Giratina counters out there in UL, and Snorlax’s matchup against dragonbreath Giratina isn’t even that dominant

Azumarill’s moveset is tough to decide. Generally I’d like to run Play Rough for the mirrors in the lead, and Ice Beam as a safeswap. Hydro Pump has less utility with Registeel gone but is still so good for nuking down. I’m always in doubt deciding what moveset to use.


With Azu and hydro pump: registeel is not so frequent, but still there PLUS gunfisk, so hydro pump is as important as it was (even though ice beam does a bit of damage it not really reliable with gunfisks bulk).
Good analysis otherwise, which I completely second

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And Skarmory is still there, which is now running Brave Bird that I was just on the unfortunate end of.

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Shadow Waterfall Gyarados can be used in great…well, at least it was used against me…but with Aqua Tail would be better. That battle I thought I was doing ok but I needed my Shadow Machamp and part of a Gunfisk to beat part of something they had and Shadow Gyarados, the Gyarados was better than I thought in that situation

If you’ve got a Crunch saved up though and you land it, the Smack Downs can win the bout. Also can tank and win against Psystrike M2. But I only have extreme results when I play my TTar, it’s an essential team player or it loses my entire match.

Not with Frenzy Plant and suitable CP.

Turns out that I have a decent Meganium. It is slightly less walled by Steel-types, but equally walled by Skarmory and even more walled by Altaria. Same good matchups against Azumarill and Whiscash (the main GL targets for Venusaur).

Ferrothorn looks very interesting. If Thunder is not too expensive, it will be far less walled by Skarmory, Altaria and of course, Steel-types, while retaining the good matchups. I am fine with its weakness to Fighting, which is resisted by Azumarill and doubly resisted by A-Marowak (if I keep it).

I suppose Lapras in Ultra Open (as in not Premier) should run Ice Shard + Surf and Ice Beam (also hits Togekiss hard) over Skull Bash (which would be worthless against Giratina and Registeel)?

An Ultra Open team should definitely have a Dark attacker to deal with both Giratina and Cresselia. When I dabbled in Ultra, A-Muk was my choice for this role; not sure what else I could use.

So Lapras, Dark attacker and third team member. If I stick with A-Muk, third team member should cover its weakness to Swampert, but very few can (besides Venusaur and Gyarados).

Same here. I use Azumarill as a lead, so I prefer Ice Beam and Play Rough for wider coverage and shield pressure (which matters more for a lead). Hydro Pump is good against Steel-types but only if not shielded, so it is better for those using Azumarill as a closer.

Obstagoon is a good choice. GirA might be even more so inclined to run DB which is a bit of trouble, but without the silly buff chance on cress it takes that match clean as heck in the two shield. Picks up lapras too.
Scizor is ok too, but still loses to a GirA and lacks oomph for neutral matchups.
I’m not sold on Regi being a non factor in UL. Goon has a bit of game against that too. Is a steep investment tho for sure.
Also for lapras I don’t think skull bash is good outside of GL. It’s main purpose is to fight back against opposing water types. No STAB means it’s not really the surprise nuke it was on Snorlax in MLPC last season.

I think this is a quite popular line, too, I believe I’ve seen it a few times. It’s pretty solid. Ferrothorn reaches Thunder at the same time Altaria and Skarmory reach Sky Attack, since Bullet Seed is a great energy move

The niche of Skull Bash in UL is winning against opposing Lapras’ lacking Skull Bash, and having a charge move to deal some damage to Poliwrath. Which is a matchup you’ll still lose, and I think 2x Surf deals almost as much damage. Surf and Ice Beam indeed have more use in general

I’ve seen A-Wak throw more Shadowballs recently than I had previously. I keep expecting a Mud Bomb bait, but often it really is Shadowball. I did a few sets today leading Registeel, it can still work–one of the worst things will be a Gunfisk lead. But I actually won one of those, FB got off before the EQ and I switched to Shadow Victreebel. They didn’t know whether to use the energy or switch, I think their usual safe switch was Azumarill. Registeel still has a decent matchup with Azumarill, Hydropump takes a while to charge…pretty deflating when they do it and it gets blocked. Stilll seeing some Bastiodon, obviously Skarmory, and Abomasnow…Regi pretty much a wall to those (Bast FT can damage Regi but takes a while). Not like people are leading Shadow Machamp that much…Toxicroak is a pain as expected though

Thing about Ferrothorn is the mudbois will still Mud Bomb you to death. And Toxicroak against it is game over. As much as I wanna use it cause I love Ferrothorn, too much trouble IMO. The way to deal with Water in GL is Razor Leaf. In my experience.