Building the boy

With this TT I didn’t have any of the bonus units so I chose Roy. (Didn’t summon a 5* one :/ ) I’ve thought about him for some time and I suppose it’s time to build him. Current state:

How should I go about building him? I have both breath skills I could give him, if that’s a start. (I know he often runs DC too, but I wondered if it would be better to run Deflect Magic even.) Due to his weapon I’d like him to be more of an EP generalist, suggestions? Suppose Guard or a Stance 4 could work too but I have no Stance 4s to kill. Anyway, I’d appreciate some ideas. :birbpeek:




Will you add merges to him, or…?

Are you going for a budget build, or you you putting more investment into him?
It seems like you’re going with more investment, as you mentioned you have the strong Breath skills, but I just want to make sure :birbpeek:

Well, I have two spare B!Ikes and one L!Ike, I figure Roy could use them fairly well. Probably not like all 5* skills but I’m okay giving him a good fodder or two. Also yes, I’ll merge him eventually, my feathers are literally gone right now though. (Naesala needs my next 20k too so Roy won’t get merged until after this TT probably.)

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Well, here’s a basic build for him.

Forgot to add the resistance bane. Oops.

It’s good, I’ll merge him someday. I was thinking along the same lines, he had Close Def for when he was a 4*, I’ll probably switch it out. Though I literally never use them (still haven’t created them) I actually think he could use Deflect Magic fairly well :thinking: There’s other things too, Atk/Res Bond crossed my mind, Warding Stance too. Probably should’ve thought about this a bit more before just jumping in, I’ve done that on occasion…

I’ve done the same thing, like when I 5* +2 Saizo.





I have a Chrom, M!Corrin, and Eliwood who all were similar cases, they don’t see use almost ever… :/

Guard is the best budget B skill you could give him. There’s also Null FU and Null C that work really well with him.

A skill those two options both work, on a budget you’re best off with the breath skill and Aether. Then Close Defense seal with that and you’ve got a standard Roy. On break so can’t go in depth

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Roy’s flexible enough for offense or defense roles; but given how you have his QR forge, I’ll assume you want a defensive build. In that case, depending on how invested in the ubit you want to be, I would personally go with something along the lines of this.

I do have an NFU… but perhaps not yet. Probably Guard for now, if he serves me well he can get an NFU.
I don’t see great reason to use the other forges when you can get QR5, is all. Might as well build around that, since his weapon also gives Bracing Stance.
I would give you my likes but I’m broken, take pretend ones instead

I’m using this as a budget build and it’s working pretty darned well thus far.

Not sure if that gives any ideas. His Binding Blade is amazing, gotta be honest. I’m thinking about putting some real effort into him.

Here are a couple from my friend list:

@Reddazrael That’s really helpful actually, thanks. :) Silas shall soon be dead. I hadn’t considered Fort D/R on him, that’s an interesting idea too. Not so sure about Mystic Boost though.

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That really only breaks through Wary to make sure he doubles, the main effect I want out of it it him being able to attack into a qr or him tanking a bf

For sure guard for now

Fair enough. B!Ike is in danger though… Still considering, but SB and Aether are good skills…
Also thanks, have a pretend like

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This is my current Roy build. He has inherited Atk/Spd and Atk/Def Bonds but I think a Breath skill is the way to go if using Aether or other special-reliant options.

I like speed from skills (Bond/Link) to prevent some doubles and to increase his player phase. Unless highly invested, I do not think Null Follow-Up should be a priority.

I could give him Distant Counter (Hector) or DC+Null C-Disrupt (Nailah) but I like him as a melee-counter for the time being. DC is like a drug, I gave Warding Breath to OG Marth, then DC and I almost never switch back to WB so sometimes it feels like a wasted resource (but only sometimes because Marth has been a trooper for me).

Ooh, Fierce Breath. Wish I had one of those to play with, it’s an intriguing skill. Looks good though!
For me, I think the current plan will be SB and use WS or Atk/Res Bond in the seal to match his defenses.

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