Building the last unit for my wind arena team

With L!Corrin and Chrom built for wind season, I just need one more unit to build.

My first thought was Jorge, as he could provide great support, at the cost of limited combat ability.

However, with B-duel infantry being available and B-duel cavalry being available very soon, I was wondering if it would be worth it to summon for one of these?

If I got B-duel infantry, I’d likely build Saias due to both his support and damage output. If I got B-duel cavalry, then I’d likely build Panne, as she could be great at using galeforce and has cav effective damage (which helps against L!Sigurd).

Is it worth me just building Jorge, or should I try to get a duel skill to build some other unit?


Jorge actually has some great combat abilities, what with his weapon basically being a PRF spendthrift that doesn’t effect cooldown (and buffs allies). He can be quite powerful in combat if you need, though maybe not with that build.

Saias should be pretty good too, but I don’t have experience using either of them.

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I use Arvis, but in terms of Arena he serves the same purpose as Saias. Slap on Spd/Def Ruse and let his friends dine on foes that have been debuffed to Gen 1 status BSTs.

C Slot can be whatever. Infantry Breath so Corrin or Chrom can dish out specials faster, Infantry Rush for the Heavy Blade, Joint Drives for obvious reasons, or Time’s Pulse + Ruptured Sky for some top scoring damage.

Panne, meanwhile, seems real enticing to give the Duel skill to her, but just like with Reinhardt she misses out on some good A Slot skills with the Duel skills. Swift Sparrow, Solos, etc.


Jorge is great support, I use him regularly on arena with a ruse and joint drive atk.

You can consider WFelix instead, he scores 754 without the B Duel and is a solid unit too!


I think my dilemma with using Jorge is trying to balance strong support and good combat ability. It doesn’t help that I don’t have deadeye or ruptured sky fodder atm.

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I have considered winter Felix for my team, although he would need armour march support in order to be useful (and I have Chrom and L!Corrin, so I can’t provide that for him).

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That’s the Jorge I’m currently using in Arena. His scoring may be a bit suboptimal as he doesn’t have his last merge (even if it’ll come very soon) or a Duel skill, but he’s still really helpful. He not only has great support abilities, but he also can hit fairly hard with his Deadeye, making him actually pretty decent in combat as well.


That build looks very solid. Too bad I don’t have deadeye fodder right now. If I did, I’d feel a lot more certain about using Jorge.