Building the new Effie (and the importance of 0-follow up?!?)

Its been quite some time since i saw a grail unit im Intrested in but, finnaly after 2 years, here we are. My fav girl from Nohr is here, and lucky for me shes not an armored unit.

I have 2 builds prepared, that i have the fodder for, the main question boils down to: How important is 0 follow up??

It beeing build in Effies inheritable weapon(but it is conditional), along with some bonus damage and offensive stat buffs seems like a huge deal, though id be missing out on Arcane Downfalls benefits and the vital astra combo.

I am aware that there is a 0 follow up seal but that usually stays on my blue unit (Nott) since her pref b-skill it to valuable to swap out. (please IS let us craft copys of ss)

As usual ss are swapable i just put guard 3 in as placeholder, wich build do you think to be more impactfull?
Maybe even use the Arcane Downfall one without 0 follow up?


For PvE, you can usually do without (except in some situations; for instance, Gotoh + Fomortiis map made me grab A-Mareeta because so many units there have forced follow ups and the armors were killing my Takumi with them)

For PvP, especially AR, Arena, and Duels, NFU is super important. Half the meta either blocks enemy follow ups or makes forced follow ups. For instance, Arcane Downfall Effie can’t double B-Hector or A-Idunn without NFU, but she can with Petalfall Vase. NFU is also an extremely good answer to opposing Arcane weapons, as ALL of them either have forced follow ups, deny follow ups, or both.

Even some FTP units like Hans (who will be added the Grail shop pretty soon) have forced/deny follow ups. Arcane Downfall can protect against forced follow ups but if the foe also is running NFU (not unusual on units like Chrobin) then you’re unprotected unless you have NFU of your own

So long story short: if you want to use her in PvP some form of NFU is ideal, whether it comes from her weapon, support like L-M-Byleth or Inf. Spd Tactic/Inf. Null Follow, the B slot, or the seal


Ty for the quick reply, i think i shall keep her original weapon then, since its quite potent and keeps her aesthetics intact while providing the much needed 0-follow up.

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Not sure if dc is really necessary though since her res is quite low and tanking the new ranged glasscannons is very hard, I would probably give her a stat a skill instead to focus on melee matchups or build her as an offensive unit, but really it just depends on what modes you use her on and her teamates.