Builds I've been batting around

I’ve been batting around a few builds recently for units I don’t have or don’t use. If anybody want to offer any input, I’m all ears.


Practically, I think a +RES roll would be best for her; but the one that I actually have is +ATK, so I included that roll here. Given her native DC, I think I want to use her more as a counter unit, the real major debate comes with whether I want to use Special Spiral/RouseDR, or if I want to use Time’s Pulse with Null-C or maybe even Vantage; though I believe Null-C would be better, since Vantage and Sirius don’t really sync with her reducing CD unless it’s already charged. With Null-C, she takes the first hit and fires off Sirius for the heal.


This is meant to be more of a one-shot build simar to Igrene or Ophelia, if jot a bit inferior to the latter due to the inability to insta-charge it on turn 1. Playing off his PRF’s LD3 to stack up a passive +12 ATK/SPD and his rediced defenses to quickly enter Brazen range for a final result of 73 ATK after bombing with Blazing.


Again, playing off her defensive weapon to make her a counterattacker omnitank, Rearguard and Warding Stamce put her up to 42 DEF/RES when defending, ATK smoke giving her an effective 49 and Sol for sustain. Null-C is obvious, I think.

Of these, I imagine the only problem child long-term will be Sothis. Lon’qu is already demoted and I expect Echidna will be as well, though I could be wrong. Of these three, I expect Sothis will be the only one who is 5* locked, so I shouldn’t have much problem beyond fodder. What could I do to improve these builds? I’m still tweaking them as of now, so they’re far from final.


Don’t have any of them but a lot of people got sothis from the banner

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That’s where I got mine; but I’m saving for Edelgard at the moment, so I’m not pulling for more than the one 5* unit.

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I don’t think Lon’qu even needs Special Spiral for an AoE build, just a Heavy or Flashing Blade for consistent procs. :thinking:

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Null C Disrupt is only really useful in AR, and you shouldn’t be using Sothis on an offense team so I’d advise against it

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Well, if it has a CD of 3 with his Slaying effect, it would be down to a CD of 2 after his attack. Or 1, with Heavy Blade. Assuming he secures the kill in that one hit.

If I’m remembering right, of course. I don’t generally use AoEs, I think they have a base CD of 4. I may very well be wrong on that.

I’d probably use her on a defense team; but even then. I’ve secured a good jumber of AR wins because of B!Camilla’s Dazzling effect. That’s where I got the idea.

But if not Null-C, what then? Vantage? If Time drops her Dirius to CD 1, Vantage would deny her the proc on her first hit, though I do suppose it would be good for healing between and possibly preventing a followup, but her SPD makes that hard anyways. Mystic Boost offers a nice heal, but the adapt null is useless on her. Renewal for extra sustain, maybe?

You can use Desperation as a cheaper option since a lot of enemies have a lot of physical defense. :thinking:

Are physical AoE builds as successful as magic AoE builds?

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Yeah, it is 4 CD so it’d be starting with 3 with a Killer effect.

With the base CD of 3, SS would be more reliable than HB/SB:
Proc AoE -> Attack to tick the CD down to 2 -> SS after combat to reset

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I’d go Null Follow Up to negate forced doubles from units like Tibarn and L!Ephraim (and I guess all the Ephraims). Negating Dazzle is too situational imo unless the team is exceptionally weak to attackers who have it (and not many attackers even run those kinds of units).

For her A slot you can try Distant Def 4 to keep her from getting sniped as well. Solo skills don’t work too well on most defense units because when the enemy attacks, your units are likely grouped together. But for budget it’s fine, as it still deters opponents from baiting you.

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I only had Igrene long enough to fodder her to Edelgard for LD4 and SS3, I never used her in a higher-difficulty situation to say for sure if it’s as effective as Ophelia. As of now, if I used such a build on El it wouldn’t make much of a difference since she one-shots most foes anyways, but I imagine it would certainly help on higher-def foes. If my math is right (y’all may wanna double-check it, I certainly don’t trust me with math. Probably got the formula wrong), they’d need 170-ish physical bulk to survive a Blazing AoE and single hit from El (who has 63 ATK, 69 with her Sturdy Impact, which is what I’m trying to work with).

Hmm. I think I have a spare A!M!Kamui in my manuals somewhere. I could run a Null Follow.

Gonna have to go budget on her A, though. No Caineghis to fodder.

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I just used a battle simulator to test the Lon’qu build.

With Brazen active, it seems to one-shot a +10/+5 Surtr with base kit. That’s with weapon advantage, though. With weapon disadvantage, it takes a +9 Forsyth with max DFs to survive. A +8 Forsyth will lose.

I like that Lon’qu build. :eyes:

I’d give em Def Smoke or Savage Blow for the C to help whittle down foes nearby, maybe Hardy Bearing in the Seal instead to avoid Vantage? You low-key make me want to do something like this with my Lon’qu. :catroll:

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Feel free to use and tweak the build however you like, man. I’ve got no monopoly on it. :grin:

Hardy Bearing could certainly be a useful seal for him, and I was considering saving his S-Slot for Rouse ATK/SPD when it comes out. It’d make for a nice boost to his AoE, but DEF Smoke works well also.

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Don’t mind me, just gonna copy this build with a few minor adjustments.

Maybe I’ll play around with Atk buffs and Infantry Rush so she’ll be reliably proccing Sol (or Bonfire/Iceberg) since I don’t have a B!Lucina.

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Be my guest. Feel free to tweak her however you need to to fit the team you want her in.

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