Bulbasaur community rerun

What are the chances bulbasaur gets a community day new move rerun ala charamander and dragon breath? I caught a rank 32 GL venusaur but it’s only a marginal upgrade over the one I have for GL already so i was thinking about stashing it for now and running the bulba in little cup and seeing if a new exclusive move ever comes out. Not sure what move options are left either, I guess. Thoughts?

The probably best options are Weather Ball Fire, Earth Power and Earthquake. Otherwise, Charm Venusaur, let‘s go! :laughing:

WB would be busted! Pvpoke gives venasaur a 70% win rate with it and frenzy plant, and in all even shields looks like she only loses some flyers in the 0 shield (noctowl, pidgeot, talonflame, tropius)

With what’s just happened the chances are minimal - people wouldn’t go for a third CD just for a PvP move. I think charmander got another CD for the single purpose of giving Mega Zard DB.

That said, they love a stock movepool update, so it’s not impossible and it could happen any time between tomorrow and never.