Bulky myrrh

I was wondering if giving myrrh for def/res 3 is good. For the s skill I was wondering which is better atk/def form, def/res form, or def fort. And for the c is rein skill good for her


Also I’m down to give her gate keeper fodder


So fort is fine. A better skill might be a stance for the guard effect, but fort is a lot cheaper.

Yes a rein would be good on her, but it’s a little tricky since she wants to win in a defense stat matchup, but doesn’t target defense so a defense rein is mostly useless on her.

Dragons ire would be her best B slot, though QR is fine.
She can also run a trace or dragons wrath in her B slot and run QR in the seal instead.

That would more or less be a complete waste, since JDD is not in any way worth getting over Close Reversal on another unit.


Ok thx for now I can give her cr for b and atk/def form or dc on s slot


Def/Res Menace is a good C skill for if you have it. +6 to her, -6 to the enemy which is a big swing for the Def match up. For the seal, focus on Atk and Def with a bond or form.

I’m hoping for a legend chicken this month to give it and Distant Stance to my +10 daughter.


Good luck and thx for the help


QR is fine for her B slot, Distant Counter is really good for her S slot. A Rein skill is good for her, Atk/Res Rein is probably best overall. Menace skills are really good too. GateKeeper’s Joint Drive Def is also good for her though.

For her A skill, Fort Def/Res is good, but a Stance skill is probably better, since it gives her more stats and Guard on enemy phase, and Myrrh is mostly an enemy phase unit.

I’d probably go:

Sturdy or Bracing Stance / QR (replace with Dragon’s Ire if you want) / Atk-Res Rein or a Menace skill / Distant Counter


Honestly for the time being just use iotes shield in her s slot. At least till you get more merges and the fodder to really pull out her potential. Dragons ire, atk/res hold, def/res menace, a stance 3, are all solid options.
Currently I’ve been using g duel 4 till I get Bracing stance 3

But you can even do something out of the box by stacking a little speed if you want, but that’s at best only gonna get you so far


I’d say it’s hard to be Myrrh in a world where every unit has NFU.

Also being a flying dragon only hinders her, being an enemy phase unit.
I think her best role today would be to stack ATK and DEF and turn her into an anti blue unit, but still (sadly) she has too many weaknesess.

… or just go KA-BOOM!


Ironically she has it too (although only half NFU)