Bunny Narcian C-skill advice

Well, let’s get to the point
So far my Narcian will look like this

Though even if it helps his tankiness, I don’t know if the C-skill is the best cheap pick for him (no premium skills)
I would want some advice. Out of all these possibilities, which one would turn out to be the most useful? Thanks in advance. :feh_nini:

  • Keep Threaten Atk
  • Give him Goad/Ward Fliers to have at least a bit of flier synergy
  • Give him Fortify/Hone Fliers to have at least a bit of flier synergy
  • Give him a Tactic skill for him to help others more
  • Give him a Smoke skill
  • Give him another Threaten

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What teams are you putting him on


I didn’t think on making specific teams at all. Usually I just go with whatever I feel like, but I’ll definitely put him on the AR teams for the bonus season.
But if having specific teams works better than just forming an all-around team, then I might think about this.

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Threatens just aren’t as consistent as other skills :thinking:
You could go with Atk Smoke if you want to use him as your main tank, but otherwise I would go with a buffing skill like a Tactic/Flier buff.
And then have another unit buff his stats :feh_birbpeek:


Another option is Guidance/Flier Guidance for team movement support, synergizes well with his Prf to ensure he’s always got the ability to be around allies too. Flier Guidance in particular is easily accessible via Grails (Travant) and great if you plan on using him in a flier emblem. Guidance comes from Tana who appears on a few Weekly Revival banners, and is good if you plan on using him in a mixed movement team comp.

That’s a really difficult choice, but i narrowed it down to 5 skills
Atk Smoke sounds like a great defensive tool
A movement skill could work (even if I’d have to 5-star and kill off a limited unit for Flier Guidance, and I don’t really like to inherit from 5-star exclusives. Sure, I could just give up the S-skill for them, but that’d get rid of Iote’s Shield, which means archers could break through his defenses)
And Ward/Fortify Fliers (these are the only ones I have enough supply of) sounds well for a Flier Emblem, but I don’t really have that many fliers that could synergize with each other

It really depends what role you want him to fill.

A tactic for mixed and a goad/ward for flyers can help him be more supportive.

Otherwise atk smoke is great. Pulse/panic works too.

Threatens are decent but not really that great (except duel threatens) compared to smoke skills

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Whatever you want at this point
Buff, debuff, whatever

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