Bunyan or Chacha

So, I’m looking to raise a new AoE Berserker for the purposes of farming hands, etc. My two options right now are Bunyan and Chacha. Is Chacha the obvious choice here? Is Bunyan really capable of clearing a wave of hands without being Grailed? Currently the 2 AoE Berserkers I’m using are Tamamo Cat and Kiyohime.

Chacha and Tamamo Cat will allow you to clear waves just fine, without much dependence on skills in Chacha’s case.

bunyan has the benefit of being able to buff herself and teammates+def debuff a wave, while chacha offers nothing notable for farming aside from a slowly charging self-np battery (useful if you have a kaleido and you raise the skill up to lv10, or at least a (support) waver and mlb imaginary element. beyond that though, it’d probably vary in usefulness pending everything else you had to work with)

though I’ve no idea how the base max level damage numbers would look, with or without skills applied

I used the NP damage calculator and assuming you have both of them max fou (i.e. 1000/1000), NP5, and you’ve maxed both Bunyan’s first and third skill, these are the damage outputs for both:



They’re very similar and can clear hands pretty comfortably too, so if you want to use the least amounts of mats possible, raise Bunyan, but if you need that NP charge per turn, then use Chacha.


curious: what would bunyan look like with no skills applied?

would of course be lower than chacha, but I’m curious about the base numbers

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Without any of her skills used, this would be the damage range:


Chacha is a 4*, so while that means she had actual party cost to consider, it also means you get Bond quartz.

I’d raise both; you only need to give Chacha a single lore on her battery to comfortably 3-turn with her (because now you have a 20% battery ready for wave 3, like with Medb and Cleo) but Bunyan’s lower party cost means she’ll be invaluable for event farming (especially since events have higher damage thresholds: her teamwide buff/debuff will work double duty).

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Didn’t feel like typing out 4 different responses, so I’m just gonna tag everyone and do one long, vague response.

What I generally do for farming hands is use Tamamo Cat, Kiyohime, and support Merlin (both Tamamo Cat and Kiyohime have Kaleidoscopes). First wave, I use Merlin’s Atk up and invincibility and 'Zerk it out (2-3 turns, possibly 4 if I screw something up). Second wave, I use Merlin’s Buster up on Kiyo and use her NP. Third wave, I use Tamamo Cat’s Atk up skill and the base Mystic Code’s Atk up skill (and Kiyo’s defense down skill on the big baddie for good measure) and use Tamamo Cat’s NP. I’m honestly not good at the whole 3 turn farming thing, so I settle for 5-6 turns.
I am not looking to max anybody’s skills. That’s a bit too much for light duty farming, if you ask me. They will at best be LV6 on the important skills, but most likely only LV4. I’m also not looking to Fou anybody up to 1000 (got other Servants that need them more). However, if I decide that one would be good for other purposes, then I might revisit that.
For the most part, I’m not too concerned about party cost, because I mostly care about having two AoE Berserkers with Kaleidoscopes. I generally just attach other Servants that I want to raise the bond level of and equip a Chaldea Picnic if I can.

Given that unnecessarily long and overly detailed comment, would Bunyan or Chacha work better (or option 3, I’m just completely stupid and incompetent)? I mainly ask because if I mess up with the skills on one of the NP turns, there is the possibility of having survivors that will force me into an extra turn (which pisses me off to no end) and frankly, on the first wave (the 'Zerk it out wave), I find Kiyohime’s damage output to be lackluster (although it would probably help if I actually did her strengthening quest and got her Buster up skill, but I’ve been too lazy and too focused on them EXP cards).

In that case, go with Chacha, because you don’t really need to invest in any of her skills if you have a way of getting her NP to 100%.

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Bronze Servants are terribly weak without high skill levels… :S
Except Arash but he is an SSR sealed within a bronze card for DW fears the unlimited power of suicide NPs.

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Chacha is the better option since the low rarity servants only outdamage her if they have high skill levels and Chacha was proven to be generally far more useful to me because of the 4* stats(she pretty much carried me through Babylon with a Mashu and a Merlin).
Chacha also already overkills even the third wave of hands.

With two KScopes you already have everything to three turn actually.
-Use Combat Uniform Mystic Code if you can’t use Arash because Lancers.
-Equip Arash with a KScope.
-Equip Tamacat and Chacha with a Kscope/50% charge CE. Your call which one gets which.
-Use Support Waver.
-Lineup: Chacha, Tamacat, Arash, backine: Waver
-Arash charges himself with third skill and blows up the first wave(in case you are dealing with lancers you could use Spartacus with level 6 second and third skill. It costs only a few gems, 30 Proofs and 740K QP, alternatively if you have an SR or SSR with 20% instant self charge at least that at least are neutral to the enemy types they might be able to blow up the wave by sheer stats)
-If you are not using Arash use Combat Uniform to switch out the member who used NP on first turn with Waver, charge up the other two to 100% and blow up the second wave with Tamacat.
-Blow up the third wave with Chacha.

Chacha can clear Doors and Hands handily without a need to use skills, but her NP is stupid long.
Bunyan needs her skills levelled slightly, to around 4 to 6, but 2 second NP.
There’s also the fact that Chacha can only clear hands. She doesn’t have other utility other than than that. Bunyan however can be used in event quests, by killing the first wave, and then using her Buster Up and Def Down to help the second/third wave get cleared.