Burn the duplicate skadi or np2?

So, I don’t want to flex or anything of the sort, just hear me out.
I rolled on skadi-mordred and skadi-sherlock banners and got two copies of the quick meme, not even a servant from London singularity or even a trace of Chaldea Anniversary…
Now I have these two, one is 70/80 1/1/1 and the other is brand new, I don’t even need her, I don’t have any kaleido or waver or quick servants I regularly use, and I saw that the effects of the np aren’t really all that useful in battle, or that at least the np2 isn’t really all that different in terms of utility.

So I was wondering, should I burn the second copy or np2 the leveled one? Or just even keep her in the second archive, I’m just very torn on burning a 5 star, the 5 rp are more than welcome as I really need something like an anniversary blonde, but the though of using an SSR for that feels very wrong, I don’t know

Do you? Do you really? :fgo_mashthink:

I’m saving for Anni Blonde myself but I don’t need it. Also adding the word ‘something like’ doesn’t make it sound like you actually need Anni Blonde, it sounds like you just want some RP so you can spend them on whatever.

How is keeping her in your second archive even an answer either? That just has no benefit at all.

Smart forum approved answer: Make her NP2. You don’t know if and when Skadi will get her an NP strengthening and suddenly NP2 looks desirable. Also RP will get easier to come by as time goes on.

My actual :fgo_bbgrin: approved answer: I don’t really much care, :fire: her.

I have no love for Skadi, since she avoided me.

Burn her, burn her


Well yeah, you’re right, I don’t really have a need for rare prisms as it is, but, being that I have just as much an use for a second copy of a servant I will probably never use as my roster is not suited to her, it would seem more useful burning her and using those rp for a Private Lesson, or a Mona Lisa, and having gained actually something…

There are like a maximum of 34 free rare prisms next year (34 only under some assumption) and 6 free rare prisms this year (provided you got Medb costume last Summer 2 and got NP5 Santera last Christmas).

So there is no shortage of rare prisms.

You can have 1 Skadi Level 70 for eSport and 1 fully level Skadi for love.

Santera (welfare in Christmas) is a Quick servant and she could one shot a HP bar of a certain boss in LB2 even with a single Skadi. And Ishtarin (welfare in the upcoming Summer 2 rerun) is also DSS-compatible.

Just NP2
It can be helpful to over NP gauge and prevent NP drain

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My problem is that I don’t have the resources, in theory I could use my np 3 Marie to farm qp, but I lack the other things, kaleido, waver and materials (for her skills 72 aurora steel? Are you f*cking kidding me?)

Dont burn or np2.
Instead put one skadi in the all slot and the other in the caster slot and start flexing.
Change your master message to ‘dont need skadi’
watch as your friends list diminishes

Alternatively you could also burn both skadis for 10 rare prisms, you could get not only anniversary blonde but royal brand as well. Think of the possibilities man :ferdbirb:


For starter, you only need 24 aurora steels to max out her last skill. I got like 18 already by going through LB2 (I believed someone got all 24) and summer 3 is coming and there are 20 steels in the shop so this should not be hard.

Once you max that out, you open up your CE options: You can use 50% starting CE such as Holy Night Super which boosts damage (hence, allowing more NP refill thank to earlier overkill) as well.

From lb2 I got 17, so it could be doable, but for Holy Night Supper… Well… I don’t have 5 copies… I was waiting for a universal 50 starting np like Azure magical girl or the CCC one

The steels of summer 3 I’m going to use on Summer BB, so that’s a nono

That support flex is truly evil, I like it

But Summer BB doesn’t need steel. :fgo_bbgrin:

You’re right, and I’m a moron, thanks for the correction, so yea, now to farm caster gems I guess…

Well, thanks for the help, I think I made up my mind

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Why stop at burning one Skadi? Burn both.

I’m kidding of course. Unless you have an NP5 SSR, there’s never a good reason to burn a copy; and as others have pointed out we’ll be getting plenty of potential rare prisms in the not too distant future.

Plus Anni Blonde is a nice to have, but definitely not needed.


Got it, thanks for the reply!

Why not just put her in the second archive? Out of sight, out of mind, does not eat mats, can be a stash of RP if you really need them fast, and still have her handy if somewhere in the future she got NP strengthening and her NP becomes Irish Lord Camelot.

Did just that, now I can focus on those fricking caster gems

You don’t win a lot for NP 2 Skadi, so if you really want anni blond go for it, after all is your account