Burned Servants?

Have you ever burned an SSR or SR and why? Personally I burned Scheherazade for Anni Blonde. No offense to anyone- she’s just not my cup of tea, but I respect your opinion. If you have burned a gold servant, what did you use the rare prism(s) for?

A pity you burned her.
She might not be exceptionally good, but nonetheless she is a SSR and has a Art AoE that can clear waves in farming.

Generally, i have learned from experience that when you burn a SR / SSR, you will regret it later, much more later.

You never know when you’ll change opinion and want to try again a servant. Only to discover you are unable to do it because you burned him.

Anyway, this is only my view on the matter. If you wanted to burn her for your reasons, it’s fine.

When i burned a few SSR in the past, i used them for buying Friend points in the rare prism shop.

In my defense, i knew nothing of this game.


Only servant I’ve burned above a 3 star is Emiya, about 3-4 of him specifically since i got him about 6 times when rolling for Okitan (and i already had him at NP3 by that point)

Assassin of Paraiso
Anne/Mary multiple times
Iabaraki twice?
Stheno twice I think


My heart aches.

What did they do to you to deserve that fate? :sweat_smile:

Especially poor Banana Oni and Elisabeth.

…Stheno, i approve.

I didnt like how any of them looked, besides Liz who I didnt like as a character

If it makes you feel better I have an Ibaraki NP3 rn

It’s a game, if you do not like their looks you did well.
I never burn as a precaution, because i’m unsure about possible change in my tastes.
Unlikely, but better safe than sorry.
But that’s just me. No one should be forced to keep servants that he or she dislikes.


my hero

Oprah crying


I currently have a NP5 Deon in Spirit. This stupid servant came to me 5 times and i’ve already burned him once but he still keeps on coming back. I used that one copy to buy me a Mona Lisa.

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I burned many 4* and some 5*.

If I remember right : Jack, Mordred and Orion.

Reason, don’t like them, will never use them.


And when I was new I used 4*s I didn’t like as EXP because I didn’t know burning existed, so I burned



The only gold unit I’ve ever burned was my 5th siegfried. He is the only gold servant I’ve had the chance to get NP5 but he’s shown up so much that I cant stand him


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I just want it noted, y’all call me horny all the time, I’ve never burned someone bc I didn’t like their look.

And never will.


EMIYA cause NP6. I have a no burn policy unless NP5. All servants in my Chaldea are treasures. Even if they look like abominations I shall raise them, make use of them and wring out every piece of value they have.


Burned second copy of rider martha because her np hits like pool noodle
burned second copy of wu zetian because i only plan her to use as a support and really needed the shop bond ce.

None yet, though I have 3 copies of Anne & Mary that I haven’t combined, just in case. As a F2P who is often short on drop bonus event CEs, when there are drop bonus servants I can use, it makes a big difference to my QoL even if L1 and sitting on the tail end of my backline

The only golds I’ve burned were my second copies of D’eon and Stheno. I don’t really have any desire to use either one and I did want the Rare Prisms to unlock Mona Lisa and Chaldea Lunch Time. That was a one time deal though, any new copies I get of them will be used for NP upgrades.

The only Servant I burned without having NP5 already would be Tesla.

I got him in the second GSSR, which was my first one. When I got him I was already salty, because I was rooting for Jeanne or Arturia.
But back then Rare Prisms haven’t been a thing yet.
So after a few months - my roster has been growing obviously - the RP-shop got introduced with the Anniversary Blonde in it. Same time I looked through my Servant list, which Servants (gold ones in the first place) I hadn’t leveled yet and contemplated if I would even use them.
I checked on Teslas skills and NP, saw that his NP had a (minor) demerit and thought “Pfff, he’s so bad. He even has a demerit. Also I already have Arjuna as AoE Archer, so what would I even use him for?” Were my thoughts.
Yeah, I was completely clueless back then - especially that he’s story locked and really hard to get.
But yeah… Anniversary Blonde is great. :fgo_umu:


As a player with a tesla, reading this makes me hurt more than it should.