Burning Avenger of Shinjuku


Is it worth to burn avenger of shinjuku to be able to buy Mona Lisa to mana prism? I saved up enough 5000mana prism for it. Also already have Jalter lvl 100 so I think I won’t be needing him

Update from my last post “Melt or Kiara” topic. I ended up going all in for melt and whaled a lot
Spent total of 620quartz
Got NP3 Suzuka, NP3 passion, MLB of all event CEs, VictorMoon, Bhodissatva, Formal Craft. First Time whaled so hard just to get the 5star I want but ended up with a failure.


No, it’s not worth. Avenger of Shinjuku is a good servant. Wait till you get a spook of Fionn or Stheno.


and this is why you wont get melt


If only you burnt Arjuna, you might have gotten Melt