Burning welfares & some questions

I have some questions about the future.
1, We’ll have RPs when burning the welfares in the future ?
2, what to do with unnecessary 5* CEs, burn them or make CE bomb ?
3, Fb gacha will have value items ?
4, anything we should know to reserve ?
Thanks for your answers.

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  1. no, never. welfares that give rare prisms give you the rare prism upon claiming the np6+ copy. burning yields the same results as always
  2. always use unneeded excess ces for ce bombs. always. either to store the exp or as exp fodder
  3. facebook gacha features data collection fp gacha later adds 4 and 5-star exp cards to the pool (jp 15m dl campaign, probably reskinned to something like 12m for us) in additon to lower rarity command codes (3rd anniversary), and one new bronze servant for each of the 7 basic classes (4th anniversary)
  4. ???. if you’re talking who to save for, your fav. though skadi is the next meta defining servant, in the same vein as merlin before. though for differing reasons (cq damage ceiling god vs farming goddess basically), if you want to talk strictly in that sense

Well played. So should i take some copies of upcoming rerun events welfares to have Rp or ignore it?

only np6+ welfares starting from the christmas3 rerun will give rare prisms

any before that, the best you can do is sell their excess ascension mats for 1m qp each (except halloween3, due to it’s technically 2 welfares gimmick)

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:+1::+1: Thanks bro!

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