Burnout after almost a week

I guess I cannot maintain in this game anymore, people. I really wanted to be a great experience, but I am seriously wasted because of earlier gacha games attempts. Like wasted crystals and not getting your fav, you all probably know that pain. Just thing is, I am in very bad mental state now, I Just liked characters and wanted to give a game another chance. But materials dropping rates, wasted ap after lost quest, especially lost early farming attempts at 40 ap quests without command seals to revive are brutal. Like another “go to hell” from life for me. Doing events which have time limits are stressful so much. I didn’t even sleep properly, my eyes were all red, I didn’t have time to eat because of my dedication. Now I cannot ascend a character because Mash’s skills ate my materials. Like I Just cannot go on. And I don’t wanna even think what it would be of i wouldn’t roll my fav for all saved huge free crystals like it happened to me in Honkai Impact.
I wanted this experience to be great and nice, but instead I am feeling like I hate myself and everything is so mandatory and tiring I cannot even explain. I am dealing with huge depression myself, that is probably main source of my problems, but still.
I Just wanted to vent a little, before I would go. Hope you all would stay safe, and wouldn’t be like me like ever. It would hurt you in the end always, when you are too serious about some game.


Good luck, and definitely don’t play if you aren’t having fun.

I would caution, though, that the arguable issue here is that your approach to the game is making it stressful for you. FGO is actually quite newbie-friendly. It sounds like you spent AP crashing into quests that weren’t meant for your current progression.

Advice for future games: take it easy. FGO is a marathon.


Yeah, FGO isn’t fun to get started in. I remember what it was like and I just barely played. I spent much of my first 2 or 3 weeks just logging in for the daily reward and not burning any AP.

It got better but that was a couple months later. I would say I started in November, started playing seriously in January, and started actually being able to easily clear stuff in May.

If you don’t love the game (I get it)/gameplay/characters/story/Fate franchise, then don’t force yourself to try. Just be happy with some other game.


I will say the support (And esp the Follow) are great. A good carry like Arjuna Alter/Raikou/Jalter for early stuff/Gil etc are so nice since they can solo just about anything via face cards. Superhuman Orion and Moth now as well, Jeanne used to be the best just bc there weren’t options except for stall and Moth is much better than her since he actually hurts things.


I am mainly single player person interested in games for full price. Like that is very fair investment if you like the game. I love that type of games. Just I felt lonely a bit without any community, unability to play with friends and so on.
Gacha games are brutal to me almost always. I never rolled character in few attempts. Like my friend, who pulled ssr with one ticket. And I Started to save for nothing basically. To have another burnout only. Third one recently. I played Honkai Impact, Mobile Legends and now this. To leave because I cannot go on anymore after too much dedication and small mistakes which irritated me like it would were life dependant. Born like perfectionist living in a world of failures, mostly myself. This could drive you crazy. Cannot explain how many times i tend to reset single player game because I wanted to get rid of mistake to ease my pain and let me proceed without worries. In single player games which aren’t competitive at all and you can farm easily if you need anything. Here there is no possibility. You have to suck it up and agree with it. Bear the pain. So sad. At least to me.


There’s a reason they are rolling a lot of updates for beginner in jp server, FGO newgame experience is not fun.

It’s better to quit if you feel burn out. Your mental health is more important than a gacha game.


Yeah, my JP account does no actual farming or events and breezes through the story.

On the rare occasion that I do something outside of the story so that I can’t borrow Followed 120 NP5 AA or the like, I still do okay because of the Servants I’ve picked up.

The main issue on NA is having no way to farm for mats beyond your story progression, but story isn’t much of an obstacle for anyone who actually wants to play the game (vs. log in for SQ and roll like my JP account mostly does).


Games are supposed to be fun, not a chore, grind or stressor.

For the record, I quit Nier: Reincaration for similar reasons. While I really liked Yoko Taro’s characters, the underlying grind toward P2W PvP design wasn’t very fun or engaging, so I just stopped playing and have never looked back.

FGO may be a pretty fun and non-stressful game for many of us, but it obviously isn’t the game for you. Sorry that it didn’t work out, hope you find something that works for you.

Reading your followup, it seems that your approach / expectations are not aligned with how FGO / gacha works, despite FGO being a relatively painless gacha. Gacha wants you to spend big, but you personally need to play F2P and look at gacha as a bonus prize, rather than an expectation. Otherwise, it’s just constant disappointment.

Going forward, I would very strongly advise against anything Square Enix, Niantic or Pokemon-related. You might take a look at Genshin Impact, which is really popular right now.


I forgot even that I started that one. I didn’t play for very long - the story might have been fine, but it was starting out with that + having like 2 events going on at once and being low leveled, not knowing how anything worked, etc and I just stopped.

The Assassin lady had a really sweet design though, gorgeous.

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Nier EN stacked Events to catch up to JP P2W PvP ASAP. It was literally double pace. The story was OK, but you couldn’t just watch the cutscenes like a movie. The shifts from 3-D fights on a narrow stage to 2-D rail movement were jarring. It’s an obvious cash grab, and you’re right that the strategy was really hidden. I figured out that it’s an AFK grinder, but didn’t see the point.

But yeah, Akeha is a gorgeous design. Yoko Taro really does such great character work. Pity that it’s all paywalled behind Square Enix.


Basically any gacha game with ap and materials is not good for my health. I am currently unemployed, so I have plenty of time. Waiting for stamina, managing it like work, this sounds awful and it is after a while. Also being pressed as f2p for free currency is really awful. And losing all that hard worked currency is hell. I quit Honkai Impact because of whole month saving and working like crazy for each Daily, fighting for each free crystal to roll on prefer red banner for nothing. Rates are higher a bit and there is guarantee but you need to save all your starter crystals to get a chance to hit guarantee. Pity could transfer to next banner, but you know. Sadness is still here. I am still sad so much after everything I done in two months, like I overworked myself like crazy, for nothing. And my fav character which I rolled earlier in over 20 rolls had serious bug like no damage sometimes from her, Just after few days I got her. I was so devastated. That even when I am getting something nice, it’s stained and broken. I wanted to cry about my whole work and lost resources there even. And now this. And previously toxic moba. So yeah. Guess I would have to settle to loneliness with single player relaxing games.

I even had this as my pfp here for a while, it’s great.


Got it. From my perspective, waiting for stamina is means it’s time to put the game down and get on with life. And yeah, spending months of hard-earned currency for low-rarity trash is pretty disappointing, which why it’s important to see it as an unexpected bonus rather than trying to have an expectation. Impact transfers pity, which is really player-friendly.

MOBA is inherently toxic.

Consider playing a PvE MMORPG, where you’re teaming with friends in Guild. A long time ago, I played World of Dofus and eventually worked myself up to being a top-tier Guild Officer, and it was fun doing Raids with Guildmates. I stopped because I couldn’t do hour-long Raids, but it was great while it lasted. Maybe something like that suits you better.

So, yeah, hope you find something better.


I wanted to try moba to play with my friend but in Mobile legends there are emblems which gave you starter bonus and guess what? Whales could get it easier or this needs to be farmed. So, unfair advantage from the start.
I tried League of Legends to get bashed in training mode against cpus even, because I am doing my character wrong. In Mode meant for training and to even mess a little when most players are going for wrong line for their character. That approach about stolen kills, stolen exp, like really. I played as healer to have awful experience like being useless without good team, and with op team, often a drag either way. And being demanded to stay with someone for whole game course to later lose because that person cannot carry at all. Being called a “w hore” after being in winning team. Fun. Definitely. And smurfs everywhere in lower ranks. Whole teams with them even. At least in mobile legends.
Don’t know if there is any game which i could share with friends which wouldn’t be bad for my health or toxic.
And anyway. I have no personal life to get back to. Game is my own life. I am doing gaming to forget about my own. To escape. And stamina type games are kicking me out of my safe place, forcing me to deal with reality in which reality I am barely cliging to life currently. This is sad, maybe not needed from me, but it is what it is. If I wouldn’t do any activities like that I would probably be dead now. Because watching something gives you plenty of time to think, working on something trivial also. You need to immerse seriously to forget. I am doing that to stop my pain for a while. I have no better idea, as my treatment weren’t working, and as I have issues with money I cannot bear the luxury of buying medicines which don’t work anymore. This is Just another topic how depressed person could See everything in different light and Just struggle to live. Just live, because you have no strenght to even wash yourself, you are barely eating, didn’t go out, and so on. That’s why it hits harder. Imagine that washing yourself is a challenge, getting up from bed is also and you are working at full power in gacha game. I Wonder how I did that anyway. Guess i couldn’t work serious in life also if I can’t manage Just a game. Probably i would quit that work after a month also. And then start to rot under some Bridge.
Anyway. I am sad beyond words. I invited already my friends here, I was happy that i could share something with them, only to Discover I again cannot maintain any account in game because I am too weak. And I would never find a Joy of using my favourite character because I have no strenght to play, participate in events. Having capped character because of wrong decision is so awful i cannot even explain. Tried to farm that materials to get 20 tries for nothing. Not even once it dropped in spots it should for what i checked. This is hell basically. I destroyed everything because of that, this also destroyed my fun and gave me pain. And I would always hate Mash for that wrong decision and have bad taste in my mouth. I destroy my fun with someone special with me. I quit one game which we shared and this is another one. Because I can’t manage and we don’t have it again. All because of me being weak and stupid. As always.

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Try GFL. It’s single player, and it takes an absurdly long time to burn through stamina. Good time/roll sink. Or fgo jp, since you can 1) get one general pool ssr of your choice for free and 2) buy any material using the newly introduced white cubes, making the beginner faze much less taxing nowadays. They also give you a lot of mats for just advancing through story and leveling units.


Try Stardew Valley. It’s a relaxing farming sim game.


OK, I get it. I understand depression. I am not a therapist, but you definitely need a lot more help than what I am able to provide. I might suggest that you try linear motion (eg. running) just to have the feeling of going forward step by step.


on FGO at the begining is way better to start slow and try to build a roster with what you get from just playing normally more then trying to farm those mats, trying to do it must be stressful without the fire power to do so.
and if you are on a not so well mental state playing a gacha that spects a lot from you like FGO or even worst GBF is not a good idea


I have. Actually grave one. Early on medicines i felt ok, later I had jumps in mood. Too long time between medicaments and I Started to feel like absolute trash. Two Times a Day wasn’t enough because time given to be steady Started to be shorter and shorter. Imagine that, feeling ok, and even a bit happy and later Just want to kill yourself out of nothing and anxiety which came from nothing. And later next meds to be steady again and afraid to feel that bad mood again. But it happened all of the time. I Just prefered to be absolutely devastated to Just end my life eventually, rather than be forced to be here because of meds which aren’t safe anymore. This is the Basic. Basically no one understand and later my dates tell me that I have better emotional state than any women he dated and depression is an excuse.
Physical activity always left me with bad taste in mouth. I was picked on and bullied as Child because I had troubles with sports, so I never came to love it. I only did that when I got fat because of meds. To lose my weight. Now it’s not a concern on mine, because my weight is still technically normal, but it’s lesser than average for me, very close to lower scale of BMI and I am barely eating. For example, I didn’t eat a whole Day yesterday. I was occupied by game and I wasn’t even hungry. And later too sad. First thing i ate for 24 hours was today. And not that much.
Probably it’s wrong, but I wanted to share something with a friend. Something ours. To discuss and everything. I met him in previous game which I left out of stress. It’s stupid to be this close with someone you never actually met, even more than friends, but it’s me, basically. I couldn’t play anything other because he has no pc for example. So only that type of games were for us left. And every single one is stressful and demanding. At least for me. And I am sad that our days of sharing something together ended and it only repeated again. I am more concerned by this than by anything other actually. I can’t be with him in real life, at least I wanted in game. And I can’t. Because I cannot maintain account at all. And he probably would stay, because he likes the game and I have no strenght to be here. I am feeling like a failure because of it. I cannot manage demands here anymore or settle myself to farming. Like nothing. Nobody told me that leveling skills aren’t great and materials are that scarce also. Game is so unfriendly with it it’s absurd. Fights are stressful because of ap losing thing. Like no fun at all. And worst is to use command spell np or recover health to lose even in that circumstances. I cannot even explain how much I despise it.

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