Burnout after almost a week

lol i remember being wiped out by waver in caster daily once. Also was unable to finish my first event due to not having enough damage with my assassins. If you dont think game is fun then save yourself trouble (and phone space) and delete it.

If you wanna keep playing leveling your servants with 20 - 30 ap quests and finishing story to get quartz and newer servants would make stuff easier

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If You dont want experiencing Hellish Newbie Life and still have motivation then you can take my unused NA and JP account :fgo_pancakeslmao:
If not then gacha and grindy game is not for you :feh_bylethnod:

Same thing as honkai. Love the characters, hate the gameplay details. in here is material drop rate and losing ap after lost fight. I despise it with all my heart. It ruins my experience as a whole. Don’t even wanna talk about gacha rates because I didn’t roll even, saved for semiramis for nothing because being here for two more months would cost me probably my own life. But not in a quickly way. Rather that much “pleasant” like drowning is pleasant. Slowly and painful.
Newbie life is a hell because of hard events for experienced players mostly and lesser because of story lock. This is main concern and most painful thing. Also farming early is a hell and I don’t know why they have to scam us for buying quartz more by that system of ap losing. Only quartz could save you when command spells are used all and as f2p you cannot do that ever. Even whales shouldn’t. I wanna personally find a person who thought that was good decision and cause him pain he or she deserves most.
Not to mention that rare drop was there and you cannot claim it and you are losing ap also. It should be only material losing for god’s sake. But two things combined? Regret of rare material and ap loss? Just hell in general. That person deserves to See what he or she likes the most in front of their face only to be taken away immediately after technically buying it and told that if they want to claim it, then they should buy it again, for more steep price. It’s like that for me. It’s emotionally devastating.

those are usually lock behind camelot, Solomon or LB3 so is not a big deal unless you are rushing

yeah kinda, but at the beginig you don’t really need to, with just leveling your servant up you can smoothly clean London if you remeber to use the advantages

…? i mean is pretty normal to lose the AP(or the equivalent on other gachas) and the drop when you lose a quest, if you are not able to beat a quest not even you the support servant that you have to choose that mean that you shouldn’t be playing it at the moment

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I don’t miss the early days of borrowing a Jeanne just so that she could solo the 40ap dailies for embers. Looking back, we really have a lot more support carry choices now.

Material I would agree. It’s always a thing. In games for full price too. It’s normal. But honkai impact for example has system of no ap losing after lost fight. I was used to that. That game has other concern of mine but materiał gathering and no ap loss was really great.
Probably we have, but as newer player you still don’t know about who would be in class quests for materials for example. You know only the class, not the abilities.
That was “fun” losing to gilgamesh who charged his np constantly.
Daily farming doesn’t sound fun at all. Too time consuming, unsafe sometimes with wrong support character and lack of knowledge. Pleasant like being kicked in private parts is pleasant. Some people like that probably.

but one exeptions do not make things the norm, on most game is like that

is a quest that is called X class training ground and you are recommended to peak X class support that is strong agains it be default

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Figured that after lost fight. Next time i did it like that but I was still sad after lost farming and used command spell for nothing.
And I didn’t play much gacha games. I hate gacha system in general. Just characters i like.
Another thing in general is that it’s costly to do farming here and loss is very painful.
I should stay in my previous game to be with my friend, even at a cost of exhausting dailies, mandatory to get more crystals. I should. At least events here were fair, everyone could do that no matter of the level. Gacha had higher rates, even though I was screwed. But I couldn’t because I hated Daily system. And now I have nothing to share with my dear friend, and we were happy to share something again. Only for one or two days maybe. Probably i can’t share anything with him because all games for Phone are like gacha or moba he isn’t interested. Everything has paywall also. Being in game together was like being in life a bit. Just don’t want to sound pathetic that someone i don’t even met is so important to think like that. Probably it’s out of that he was an only person who comforted me when I needed that the most. I Started to See everything in different light and that was very tied to gaming together. Like part of experience. When I left i felt part of me died and now I am feeling same. I cannot find any safe game for us, like really, so probably it died forever. And it’s me who is causing a problem, because he is ok with gacha for the sake of characters. I am not. Too stressful for f2p and my restrictions in everything.

undestanable, gachas are not for everyone

maybe, but you are still on you first weeks when your level isn’t really higher then 60 (maybe), your AP gauge is small but you should be leveling up really easily for like three or four days, so you have a ton od AP to waist

i mean, usually events that are story lock is because the are hard, like foe exaple Setsubon type events would be hell for newbie because the don’t have enough servants nor the fire power to beat the event because they can’t use friendlist supports, things are lock because they are hard, otherwise you would have a pretty unfun event for the new players, or SE.RA.PH that was pretty hard.
If everything is super easy there’s no reason to get better, but if you make something hard without any reason and you put someone that isn’t ready to is they will thing that is BS and that is unfair.

yeah but you haven’t even roll on FGO yet so you haven’t really feel the experience of it.
i’m not trying to be a dick even if i may sound like one some times, i’m just giving my opinion about your experiences and the things that call my attention, sorry if i sound rude or something

i can’t really help on any of that, you can try to come back if you miss him and just play are your own speed, if you don’t have the energy for farming or dailies just don’t do them, your mental heath is always first.

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I remember quitting my JP account 2 years ago and I felt like this
I’ll advise you to determine why do you want to play this. Sure you want to enjoy it but what do you want to in this game? What is your personal goal to achieve that you can show people when asked?
For example I started out because of story. So I didn’t even feel bad when I burned a few SQ to some harder content like Camelot Gawain. Until then I didn’t care for anything else. I remember not even look it up for other menus for a month or so. I just re-roll herc part meta(I just did a minute google search and see how to re-roll, didn’t really get it much but turns out I got herc at one point) part my FSN love and stick with it. When I learn how to level a character I was at Septem already. I didn’t even really look it up anything until I stuck at Gawain. I just really focus on not spending or selling(“burning” as I later learn) anything until I learn the importance of it.

Okay look, you need to sacrifice something in-game. I miss most of events for 4 months (cry in forever NP4 nobu) but I stick with story so no regret there. Then I focus on getting someone max level for each class. I literally pick the highest rarity I have. Not even look it up who to level. Honestly, when I look it up it makes my life harder because
-Why don’t you use Anderson Hans?
People assume I have a f2p, FP summon servant. Which I didn’t. I’m not even kidding people complain about SSR rates but no one warn you about how there is a possiblity that you may not get a bronze servants for months. Turns out I didn’t get a single Hans for 4 months. I wouldn’t get FP because I didn’t make support for a month either. Actually make him NP5 took me 6-7 months. When I got Gawain my best low rarity was euryale np3.

So in order to give you an example I give you what my personal goals was while playing this game
-enjoy the story: So I keep everything at minimum like leveling characters, rolling banners etc. But don’t be like me and at least set your support list and not just leave a single mash there.
-When I reach camelot I decided to max level a servant for each classes
At this point i see how expensive leveling a servant is and actually come across gamepress. See how everyone complain about mat hell about bones dust and such I decided to hoard them and leave everyone’s skill at lvl1
-When I max level around 7-8 servants I go for max level a ST or AeO servant for each class. by this point Onigashima event started and I finally got a gold rider. It was already been 5 months
Side quest: Never level a skill until you absoultely sure you need those little bit of push. I still do this and literally only level skills for CQ. I’m doing fine so far and leveling a skill 1 to 10 in one go has some satisfaying domino effect pleasure for me.
-make everyone last ascend. Took me around 1 and a half year.
in this quest I made a few bond 10. First being Herc and second being Raikou. Only at my first summer event I learn how important Arash and Spartacus is and level them. Imagine leveling S-tier low rarity servants after around 7-8 months after you starting the play this damn game
-make everyone’s skill 4-4-4
still working on it.
-I even ready a goal for the next. Make everyone last ascend as I have planty of last ascending servants but no one is max level even after 1000days.

TL;DR: Just set a personal goal and stick with it.


You are nice, not a Dick. Rather I am complaining constantly. Can’t help while crying over being devastated. Just to tell you. I had different mindset long ago. When I first Started honkai in Old account, when I played fire emblem heroes or grand order first time years ago. I forget about most stuff here, so, I am making newbie mistakes basically. It was too long ago.
Just back then i was not that pressed, I could not login to feh for a while to get back months later and be ok with it. I made mistakes i was frustrated at some Point, but not like that as of now. I Started to be obessed over perfection, efficent resources managing, saving crystals a lot. Like no mistakes ever. One mistake and I am like being broken in instant. And this game and mistakes here are severe for new player. Huge ap loss if you are inexperienced or loss of ascension for quite some time. No means to efficently farm quickly to get back materials. Not friendly at all. And while then there are events on which you are trying to manage best, but you crippled your power by ascension lock. Like this is beyond unfomfortable and what newbie didn’t do something like that? A lot of people probably. But we still have that worse version with awful material drop rates, so yeah. Eat that, you miserable human being, feel the weight of your mistake for few weeks and suffer. Mash and her needless skill leveling would gonna make me naouses for a bit. And I hate the character for no reason now. Just because I didn’t know how scarce even Basic materials are and drop rates. I totally forgot about that. Did nearly all quests with void dust in mind. None dropped. Not even one. By more or less 20 attempts each, Just completing free quest first time as a whole. Why this is so horrible? Who wants to make me suffer that much? Just outight kill me better rather than do this, you god knows who.

I wanted to have tamamo. My favourite servant of fate story. I also like semiramis a lot. Just that was most important to me. But I wanted also cards from events and so on. I remembered about burning Silver exp but not about materials drop rate. And now it’s biting me hardly. Seeing all materials i threw to mash which are needed for ascension now makes me wanna cry. And I did that only because i remembered i had her skills upgraded in Old account and with no cost in other servants ascension. Now I am crippled and sad.

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that is not a healthy mindset to beging with, that will only make you unhappy on the long run, no matter which game you play.
and you can see it here:

you are trying to run before even been able to walk, you just started the game, skill levels are not so important till later, at the begining going slow is fine, working yourserlf to dead to be super effective without thinging on having fun first is not good, you are trying to make this a task not a thing to have fun with, if you aren’t having fun and feel that isn’t worthy, just don’t do it then, forcing yourself into it isn’t good for anyone, specially yourself, if you know that you can’t beat something for now just come back later when you are strong enough to do so, try to power your way out of a problem without having power isn’t going to help you, take your time to do stuff calmly. farm later when you have a real need of it to solve your problem, for now as a beginer you can play the story without problems because the only get hard since Camelot but before that just using class advantage will do, and as a beginer you of course don’t have what you need to make everythin perfect and effecient, no matter how much or hard you farm, you don’t have what you need so don’t try to do perfect stuff when isn’t possible


I did a few edits. But I think you just set a wrong kind of goal for yourself, if you ask me.
If you’re fighting with mental health problems you shouldn’t set a goal like that.
What happen to your old account if I may ask?

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I used that cpu support only to have more friend points because No one is choosing my characters and for that ones i have a bonus, but they are weak. I have troubles with them. But I won’t get extra fp, useful in the beginning. That’s sad.

I dropped it. I had much troubles in events even though I had better ascended servants. I hated ap loss even back then. And it wasn’t my Phone even. I played on my friend’s one. It was a time when cleopatra came first as I remember.

why don’t you use the account code to get back to it?

you aren’t going to get to much by using them, the FPs aren’t worthy if you are losing for them
and gaining FPs from your friend is something that you can’t relie on, even i with a decent support list get almoust non, so is nothing to be sad about

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Don’t have, didn’t generated even. I had not a single five star there. All my rolls were bad. So I didn’t bother.
I swear, never i had a situation with Lucky rolls. Never in any gacha not even once. I don’t remember fire emblem heroes well, i had special characters here, but rates are higher anyway. With honkai impact my best roll were cursed with instantly bugged character till new version. Could you imagine? Pulling your waifu at 20 rolls or so, and next Day after “sorry, elysia is bugged, we would fix her next version” announce. And I saw that no damage bug myself. And plenty of people complained. So even in some luck i am always screwed. Reminds me of my personal life. Always worst things for me. Like no exceptions. Worst people around, worst family, a lot of abuse. And me, always like a loser there. Don’t know why, probably someone is feeding on my suffering for nearly 30 years.

Do you play it for SSRs?