Buster Sundays with Mister Mystery :fgo_buster: - Summer 4 rerun Merlin banner roll thread!

Welcome! Come one, come all! :white_flower: It’s time for Mister Mystery’s Buster Special, but be warned, he only comes around on Sundays for whatever reason, what, was DW too scared of having Merlin available every day of the event? :fgo_buster:

First up, we have the star of the banner and one of the Big Four Support Casters, the limited 5* Merlin!


He’s a funny and powerful court wizard who guides Artoria on her journey, gets his spells tongue-twisted and also pretends to be a beautiful internet idol with his Tower of Avalon’s top-tier Wi-Fi to be fair, it’s only competing with Chaldea’s Wi-Fi since all of humanity’s Wi-Fi is down in the FGOverse. He also has the world record for being the world’s oldest shut-in! There are lots of other things I like about him but I’ll try to keep it short for now. :feh_nino:


Gameplay rundown

Gameplaywise, he’s the (current) best Buster support in the game. His first skill is Dreamlike Charisma, which buffs the party’s Atk stat and boosts their NP gauge by 20%. Illusion, his second skill, grants teamwide invincibility and decreases the enemy team’s crit rate, very useful for protecting against an AoE NP. His NP grants the team healing and NP gauge up per turn, and also grants crit stars per turn.
Merlin’s big skill here is his S3 Hero Creation, which boosts Buster for one ally for three turns as well as their max HP, and for one turn, increases their crit strength. One push of this button and your chosen Servant’s Busters and crits will hit like trucks :fgo_buster:
He is geared towards Buster crit playstyles and stalling and does very well at both of those things. He isn’t as good for 3T farming (if you’re interested in 3T Buster farming, look no further than Koyanskaya of Light next anni), but if you like facecarding and unga bunga-ing your farming, take him along.

If you do not currently have Merlin and choose not to roll for him here (which I’m certain a huge chunk of you are because of a particular female Caster looming closely in the distance :fgo_seiba: ), your next bets to get him are GSSRs, or a White Day banner coming up in 2024. Merlin will also get a simple costume with glasses during that time :fgo_nunglasses:

Up next is the 4* rateup Servant of the banner, the permanent Saber Siegfried!

(Official game art. Artist: Ototsugu Konoe)

The cool and calm slayer of Fáfnir and wielder of Balmung is back with a stylish new tight suit. Or an RP if you claimed the costume last year. This look does a good job at showing off his glowing scar and also gives him a sharp pair of glasses. He tries his best to crack an intellectual joke from time to time while wearing this outfit. :fgo_megane:


Gameplay rundown

As Siegfried’s claim to fame is his slaying of the evil dragon Fáfnir, his kit reflects this and it’s what he does best.
His S3 gives him Special Attack and Defense against [Dragon] enemies, and it also grants him a one-turn Buster buff. His NP, Balmung, is Buster AoE and deals Special Attack damage to [Dragon] enemies. With its buff, it also increases his NP gain for 3 turns.

His other two skills are Golden Rule and Disengage; the former increases his NP gain, and the latter restores his HP a little and also clears all his debuffs. As a Cú main, I find Disengage to be pretty useful for its debuff wiping.

Since his main strength is Busters against dragons, why not team Merlin with him, who you can get off this banner? :fgo_buster:

Siegfried has a few future rateups: one on the next Saber class banner and one on the Apocrypha banner that came to JP in October 2021 (please note it could come earlier to us in NA). He is a permanent pool Servant, so he can also spook you at any time.

And finally, the 3* rate-up servant and our Quick special guest on the Buster Special, the permanent Assassin Fuuma “Evil-wind” Kotarou!


The young leader of the Fuuma clan drops his stylish scarf for an equally-as-cool cap and sleeveless hoodie in this event, where he helps Master and co. gather intel on the Swimsuit Swordmasters. He specializes in stealth, and in his NP, a healthy dose of shadowclone jutsu as he inflicts confusion on the enemy team.


Gameplay rundown

Kotarou’s buffed S3 inflicts Nullify Buff on all enemies, which is very rare among 3* Servants. It also decreases Def and Debuff Resist for all enemies, but the main draw of this skill is the Nullify Buff.

His other skills are Sabotage and Ninjutsu; Sabotage being an Atk and Crit Rate debuff on all enemies, while Ninjutsu (which has a rating of A+++ I might add), grants a chosen ally a 1-turn Evade and an increased C. Star Drop Rate.

His NP, Immortal Chaos Brigade, is Quick AoE, and inflicts Confusion and a Def debuff on those enemies. (Confusion is a chance of Skill Seal each turn, for those who don’t know or forgot).

Overall, Kotarou’s pretty great at debuffing enemies, and he can inflict Nullify Buff which is pretty strong on a 3* Servant.

I don’t think that Kotarou has any future rateups (for those who have him as a super-favorite and want to get his coins reliably), but he is a permanent, non-story locked 3*, so he should come up naturally as you roll SQ. He is also in the FP pool.

Banner Schedule

As the name of the banner suggests, it is only available to summon on on Sundays. Do note that this means Sundays in Pacific Time, so you won’t be able to roll until it’s Sunday in that timezone. :catroll: A GP friend and I figured this out the hard way last year when we went to roll tickets at the reset that was a few hours before Sunday and the banner wasn’t up

If the image isn’t loading for you, there are 3 Sundays the banner is available, and they are:

  • May 29
  • June 5
  • June 12

If you’re one of the few who has big plans to roll on this banner, or if you can only spare a few yolos thanks to a certain other support Caster coming up in July, may the funny Buster wizard have mercy on your SQs and answer your summons :fgo_buster: try offering candy apples, I hear he likes that they turn your tongue red Good luck!!

Before I finish, some more lovely art of these three to end this off:




a small note, I set most of the pieces of art in this thread to 75% size to reduce scrolling time. If you wish to save these pieces of fanart, click on the image to view it full size and then save it, or save it from its source.


Good luck with Merlin guys
Gonna skip this time but maybe I’ll throw monthly tickets to see what happens


Banner is up in a few hours; just posted the thread a bit early since I’m traveling and visiting someone and going to a con with them may or may not have spent on a few catalysts while I was there

Have almost 900 SQ saved up for this banner since November after I failed Skadi, and I’ve also been waiting to pull for Merlin for a long time after indirectly failing him last year (the summer 3 rerun happened and all my quartz went poof). Here’s hoping he comes home and neither my summer male rerun banner or support caster bad luck strikes :fgo_casgilworry:


Hello Merlin. We meet again.

My absolute f’in nemesis in this game. Spent so much SQ on this bastard in the past and never got him.

I’m going to try one more time.


i’m going to try and get to 300 sq before i roll on this banner, i got like 5 more to go before that :feh_sigurdeyes:

I want that twink (and/or himbo)


We’ll see how good my resolve is. I shouldn’t roll another Merlin, he’s already NP5 and I really don’t need that last append… but I can’t deny that I do kind of want it.


Remember if the gacha is mean to you you do have at least one recourse


Last year I caught a fluffy zerker instead of a fluffy caster (rolling with cat on lap proved too strong a temptation :fgo_tamamo:) but I finally managed to drag him home on the new years gssr. Good luck to everyone who still needs the OG Buster support :fgo_buster:


About 5-6 multi’s on my alt


Bought a few packs, still no Merlin.

I really, really hate that guy.

Got an NP level for Herc, another copy of Siegfried RP and a stack of CEs. On the very last single:

So she’s NP2 now, still feel terrible but that’s the best spook at least.


2nd multis, im dying inside


My will is weak.

Also a surprise Buster Sunday guest!


Thought this catalyst would work after spending several multi’s with no success, sadly it didn’t pan out.

Died a little inside when I saw gold lancer, but at least it’s a 4* that isn’t Siegfried.

I was down to 3 quartz after this roll and when rider came up I was livid at it being an SSR rider. New, however, not the new I want. Buy one more pack:

First multi just hit just took another pack after buying multiple and seeing SIX Siegfried I definitely don’t need…and almost no 5* CE’s rateup or no (heaven’s feel, volumen, and one poolside bar, but I don’t care about poolside bar having 3 MLB from last event or something as well as enough ladies and gentleman CE’s to almost fill a page.)


The gatcha has been incredibly kind as of late (I’m scared).

One multi. Mister Mystery must be pleased with me.


1 ticket for Merlin is a miracle for me.

I hope everyone who roll for Merlin gets him with the least cost possible.


Threw 2 multis, got a bunch of CE’s and a Luvia. W session. Moving on


3 multis and a ticket. Probably using up my luck for castoria but i finally got the dick wizard.


Saw it was 6:09 AM, rolled a multi immediately, then skipped and saw rainbow sparks :feh_sigurdeyes:

Caster card…

HE IS HOME :fgo_buster:

5 tickets and 4 multis total :fgo_gaooo:

Also got a Cú (either kind) on each multi I did and I’m hunting for his coins which is pretty nice :fgo_cusmug:





Used: 825 :fgo_rainbowapple: & 95 :tickets: .
:fgo_buster: .