Buster's '6CE Melusine' is overhyped relative to competition

For my last thread until Summer, why not a lukewarm take?

The short of it:

  • Most rate Melusine beyond all else because she can 6CE irregular nodes by ‘herself’
  • As a result hitting damage at 5CE is "not impressive "
  • This also gives an impression to non-JP players that Buster is now better at slot bonus farming than Arts

Simple reasons why this is eh:

  • She needs supermax 120 to hit 159k wave 2 at 6CE w/MC buff up
  • Many events including lotto have charge CEs
  • Arts can 6CE anything with the right 2nd DPS
  • Recent events have 6 enemy waves; Arts/Quick easy mode
  • Raids are back baby?
  • DCS/Arash/Gong(+Tama/Oberon) is over 8000
  • Looping is boring
  • 6CE outside of lotto spam has a capped value (shop clear) or is easy (FQ bond bonus)

She doesn’t save any time Vs 2DPS because she needs order change and 3 supports/12-16 skill clicks (depending on whether you use the star bombs/gathers).

By the time mana loading/Oberon to enable her come out you could easily own an Arts “6CE anything” box.


Ftfy scnr

Someone is feeling argumentative today, aren’t they :fgo_bblaugh:

I have no opinion

Yeah lottos are the big reason this would have value

But you’d need a difficult lotto setup to justify bringing plugsuit

8000 is correct. “Hassen ijou da!” Funimation corrected it when they redubbed Z too.


The 90+ nodes mostly need order change (and everyone’s gonna be bringing it to level Decisive Battle) even with 50% gauge for Arts. But once you clear the shop yes you can just nuke 3/3/3 with a faster run & more servant freedom.


Maybe but the meme is 9000 so :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s why my name starts with 9001, not 8001


Plugsuit is capable of great things. Terrible, but great. :fgo_moriartysmile:

I’ve never minded using plugsuit tbh. If I get Melusine I will 6CE slot her everywhere all the time. :fgo_insane:

Tho lvl 120 is pretty bonkers.

Unless you take her to 2k lv120 NP5, no, you won’t 6 slot everything.

The big mofo wave 2s are 180k HP. They’re not ultra common but they crop up. The more typical mid boss wave 2s are 160k.

At 120 NP5, 2k Fou with an average event CE (500 atk, no useful effect) she hits 159k wave 2 -with your mystic code buff up.- And we’re pretending Sabers never get a harder node here.

Of course you can crit after NP but then you’re relying on RNG.


You can name yourself what you like but you can’t call me wrong, so the OP remains as is. :fgo_kiarasmile:

Sometimes it seems people are so obsessed with playing this game as little as possible I wonder if they even like playing?


That is a good point.
I wasn’t being literal tho. :breadsive:
I meant everything she could do.
NP5 is pretty steep on top of lvl 120. :fgo_nobuyikes:
For things she can’t 6 slot I could just throw something on her (BG?) for a 5 slot tho, yah?
If you like a character 5 slot is not much to pay for those nodes where they can’t 6 slot.

Didn’t know about the NP5 req tho. :breadsive:

But as you mentioned, it’s not like you need her to be able to do every single node possible. You could always run two DPS for those nodes.
She doesn’t need to be able to farm everything.
Having weaknesses is good I think.
Tempering expectations is also good though.
Lvl 120 NP5 2K is a steep investment.

When I said I’d take her everywhere that was more of an emotional statement than a literal one, one attesting to the idea that I like the character enough to try to do that.
If she can’t do it then she can’t, no amount of love can change that.
(unless love = wallet kun and NP5 etc)

If you scroll to the bottom of my list there is an excellent final bullet point :fgo_sthenosmug:

Jokes aside I have every tool to 3t now and 3t in Castoria era, and I can 6 slot 3t if I want to. I don’t.

She steamrolls all including most Sabers if you slap a superBG on her. She just won’t always 6 slot as claimed unless the event CE is good.

But it doesn’t really matter. I just think she’s built up as this ‘greater solution’ to a great extent when it doesn’t really matter because the other various toys can also 6CE when it actually matters (lottos) or when you’re grinding day to day (bond up on FQs).

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I guess 6CE Melusine is a bit overhyped because that comp can literally 300% charge. It means she can 3t even when the event CE don’t give starting charge.

I would never roll for her tho. I just don’t like child looking servant in general and I don’t know why they keep making child or child like servant in inappropriate clothing.


She’s hyped up because people make out you will be able to 3t 6ce with her everywhere because of the 300% charge, which doesn’t ring true due ti damage requirements.

Most nodes she can 6CE you can 6CE with Arts just as easily.

Let’s not pretend that 90% of the NA server didn’t roll Spishtar. Add Sitonai/Vlad or Galatea with mana loading, or Circe/Sanzang(/Hephaestion) and you win.

Technically a lower investment as it doesn’t require adding Melusine+Oberon to your rolls. I’d probably argue for Sanzang as the best pick (post-mana loading) since all the shit 1/1s are Berserker or Assassin and she doesn’t gobble up your Arts buffs.


Everywhere is too exaggerated. Saber is quite common so she should have damages issues in nodes with saber enemies. Supermax lvl 120 np5 Melusine should be able to do everything with any CE but at that point Spishtar and Summer Kama should be able to do the same. In my mind the biggest selling point of DKS + Oberon is Godjuna or Morgan.

She also boosts your NP gain and has a charisma :fgo_sanzangpoint:


I want more NP levels on her. GO WEST!


One more spook to NP5 for me :fgo_anchin_sama: