Busti’s Stall Diary Chapter #90: this one is for those that have been overlooked, and some Shiki's too

Oyabun outfit is superior

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Trying to fill the Musashi Void I see

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So should I make a Taiga Ascension stage poll

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The puns are a big part of her character and the 2nd Asc encapsulates that energy the best

Is that like scones but an extra layer of a magical flavor?

Musashi Padoru if anyone wants


Yes but the flavor comes from the spinal discs

I will punt you shinx, animal abuse or not

I will steal your SQ

Ok not bad. So ill get a good idea at first of what the beast looks like so I can prepare. Sounds very Fallout esque. I’m definitely going to exterminate the “Another Village Needs your help” guy.

Can I have some? I have none rn.

If you want to steal 7, go right ahead. Ill buy more :fgo_morilaugh:

No go away

Such an ultra realistic picture deserves to be utilized! :fgo_gudakolove:

What if I get 2 Nero’s rolling singles :fgo_gudako:

I’m in, death is overrated anyway

Not my Neros so whatever.

Eggcelent…human body creates some of the best hallucinating products.

Musashi gets so much hate, but she’s so damn beautiful

if ur lacking monies

go mug the next person you see with a steak knife.
don’t forget to wear your mask so that they can’t identify you