Busti's Stall Diary Chapter #114: ...because it is Summer in some places now!

I think I’m one of the few who buys CDs or digital music from amazon. I tried using Spotify once and the audio is terrible in comparison.

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Being a weeb isn’t a privilege. It’s a curse. And you never get rid of it.

Fgo ads always happen for me on the last 3 or 4 days of an event and are normally just a voice line and showing off the np of whatever main servant is from that event. So I fully expect to see brads np on YouTube ads in about a week


Bugger off japan has no control over me :fgo_disgusting:


Youtube vanced



The following picture is my personal recommendation:
(First line is made up with the current available CCs (btw took into consideration the CCs you have already used; visible in your support list; and used with the CCs that seem to be unused); Second line is damage concentrated CCs; @Tac_Tacc 's CCs recommendation is very good and a better-balanced one ^^ - the reason why I created two different ones far away from @Tac_Tacc 's ):

Lastly, if you need any help, advice, recommendation or want to discuss about command codes, you can use the following thread:

Command Code Thread - Fate/Grand Order / FGO Discussion - GamePress Community


pandora > spotify

But yeah, I do prefer CDs to streaming music. But not every band I listen to has physical CDs for sale all the time.

Out of curiosity, how often do you log into FGO and put hours into playing?

Playing good games does not the weeb make


I pay for Spotify but it’s mostly cos it’s easy
I refuse to pay for more than one sub
For everything else there’s adblock and piracy


Pandora for me too. Youtube, I mainly use when I need laughs from vids.

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There are Digital Albums on Amazon and Soundcloud exists too.

Speaking of funny vids, ima watch lennys 2h ds playthrough

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I genuinely would never want to give spotify any money. I legit can’t do anything I want in the app on the free account, there’s no “you could do this on a paid membership” thing, so I have no idea if it’s even worth it

Her tight black suit is hot as well though ^^ haha.

The only reason I use it at all cos my iPod audio jack died and I couldn’t find anywhere that would replace it
The free version is absolute ass I just don’t know what alternatives are out there and if they have the stuff I want on it

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Free spotify might as well not exist if you ask me.
That’s not grabbing anyone’s attention.


I’m back, something happen?

320 kbps (they lie, I still hearing corrupted audio), no ads (I still seeing the “recommendations”).

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I stopped watching anime since 2013.

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