Busti's Stall Diary Chapter #135: I can look like whatever you want, but thank you for appreciating my real form, Master!

I’ll do both legs


Wait, is her 2nd NY’s banner close? I didn’t want to roll on the first one because first banners are cursed for me.

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3 days I think

Who needs an excuse? I am always salty.

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It’s the same order in both weeks no?

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Schedule is at the bottom of the first post.

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In a few days iirc. If it wasn’t her last non shit banner, i’d skip, but…

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So I get the top? Cause this can only work if we team up and tag team this. So you get bottom I get top? We split her down the middle? You get the back and I get the front? Or like you get Mon, Wed, Fri and I get Tues, Thurs, Sat and Sun all three of us go to an onsen.



Ah, it’s released on my birthday, what a coincidence. I guess I’ll yeet all my tickets.

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Same, the Summer AoE banner is the biggest bait banner after the anni 5’s CE banner.

I’ll get the Back from the feet to the ass, then we switch and I got the Front after that ok?

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Gonna summon melt in less than 100SQ because I’m not thirsty :fgo_buster:


I’ll honestly flip my shit if she doesn’t show. 3k for nothing would be ridiculous.

I got Melt in 20 summons so thirst = best

But that was before today, and you were only thirsty just now.

I think that would be a record. For one banner.

Get a catalyst before you roll. And take it slower. I find better results when I’m not spam-rolling.

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I’m alway thirsty. Just contained.

Nah, it is not good enough to be considered bait. No one in their right mind would roll on that.

Is he trying for Umu Caster again?

i read this as take a shower
roll umu in the shower
you get the naked bonus and you wont be stinky